Final PowerPoint Presentation Week 8

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Transcript Final PowerPoint Presentation Week 8

Week 8
Lesson: Powerpoint Presentation
• Topics
–Final PowerPoint Presentation
• Building from your business plan
• Activity
–Design your final PowerPoint
Check-in: Business Plan
• You should have completed your
business plan (it should be typed)
Use the PowerPoint presentation as a
visual aid while you pitch to investors
• What are the major points you would
highlight for a company that was
considering investing in your app?
– The pitch – what your app is, who it’s
for and why it’s a good investment
– The deck – the accompanying
PowerPoint slide
• The pitch and deck should work together
The Pitch
• The story of your app
• Sell your company to them
– It’s worth investing with us because…
– Your PowerPoint should be clear and
relay to the investor that you have
thought about your customers
• How would you persuade a customer
to purchase your app?
The Pitch
• Start with a Hook
– Something to get the audience’s attention: Facts, Skit,
Quote, Photo, etc.
• Describe the App
– What does it do?, Who is it for?, What’s the value
proposition, or why should they buy your product?, How is
it different from competitors?
• Why is it a good investment?
– How are you going to make money?, How many people
will want it?
• Strong 1 Sentence Conclusion
– Our app FriendMap is the fastest way to find where your
friends are and millions of users are going to want it!
The Deck (your PowerPoint)
Know your audience
Simple design
One idea per slide
Use of images to support ideas in
pitch– don’t use a lot of text
• Be organized – beginning, middle,
How to start your deck:
• Start with a white presentation and black
• Do not get caught up in anything up in
anything BUT the information for first version
• Themes, images, colors etc. will come after
the information is set...this is so you don’t
waste time perfecting something that is not
• You will customize by adding graphic, etc.,
once you have the information firmed up
Visual Tips for Slide Deck
• Add screenshots of your app
• Add relevant photos
• Customize your theme to make it clean
and visually engaging
• Include graphics such as your competitor
• Use graphics instead of text whenever
Task List
• Be at least halfway done with your
PowerPoint presentation
• Prototype Development:
– Finish working on the functionality of your
– Test it on a target user. Don't spend time
making it pretty until you've tested it!