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Lesson 9
• Topics
Final presentation slides
• Building from your business plan
Creating your pitch
• Activity
Design your final presentation slides
Check-in: business plan
• You should have completed your
business plan (it should be typed)
• Make sure you have a mentor give you
Visual aid for your pitch
• What are the major points to highlight
for investors in your app?
The pitch – what your app is, who its for
and why it’s a good investment
The deck – the accompanying presentation
• The pitch and deck should work together
The Pitch
• The story of your app
Who, what, why, how? (when and where)
• Sell your company to them
It’s worth investing with us because…
Clear message in your slides
How would you persuade a customer to
purchase your app?
See page 28 of the
The Pitch-Technical Details
• The pitch is 4 minutes long
• Review last year’s format for ideas
Winning Team :
Brazilian Team :
• Create the pitch in PowerPoint or save in
PowerPoint format
• Avoid sounds & distracting transitions
• Spell check and avoid too much text
The Pitch
Start with a Hook
Describe the app
Why is it a good investment?
Strong 1-sentence conclusion
All team members must speak
The Deck
(your presentation slides)
Know your audience
Simple design
One idea per slide
Use images to support ideas in pitch–
don’t use a lot of text
• Be organized – beginning, middle, end
How to start your deck:
Start with plain formatting
1st draft - focus on information
2nd draft - visual appeal of your message
Add necessary graphics and quotes to
reinforce your message
See page 29 of the
Visual tips for slide deck
• Add screenshots of your app
• Add relevant photos
• Include graphics such as your competitor
analysis and screenshots of your app
• Less text is better!
Generate some buzz
• Get people talking and
show you are on to
• You love it, me too!
• Use social media to
spread the word
• Build trust from
Task List
• Be ready to practice at least half of
your presentation pitch next lesson
• Gather evidence from social media
• Prototype Development:
Finish working on the functionality of
your app
Test it on a target user