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Effective Presentations
Week 7
5:30 – Team Stand Up
5:40 – Pitch Event details
6:00 – Draft Presentation
6:25 – Mentor Careers
7:25 – Ongoing Offsite Activities
Pitch Event Details
The elements of a presentation
Judging criteria for Pitch
How to create a good presentation deck
Draft the first revision of team deck
Learn about mentors’ careers
Pitch Event
Bay Area Regional Pitch Event – April 28
National Pitch Night – May 3
• Poster Presentation & App Demo – small
groups during reception hour
• Pitch Presentations – formal, in front of an
audience using slides– sell your business
plan & your app idea
• Questions from judges
• Keynote speech
• Announcement of winner
Pitch Video
Poster Presentation
• Poster is a visual representation of
business plan
Introduce the team
Elevator talk to distinguish your product
in 30 seconds
Demo your app prototype on a phone
Pitch Poster
Pitch Content
• Make sure everyone speaks
• Convincing argument in FOUR
Do NOT demo during the pitch – can
include screen shots of app prototype
when describing product
Week 8 - Email a 100-word app description to
Symple App is a mobile app designed for chronically ill patients to track
symptoms and triggers to assure a correct diagnosis and refine
treatment plans. Symple is easy and elegant and is customizable to
track only the symptoms that are unique to your illness. Symple allows
you to share reliable and relevant information with your doctor to get the
very best treatment designed just for YOU!
Week 10 - Email pitch presentation, business
plan and app source code to instructor
Why Do We Do
• To persuade people
• To communicate an idea
• To teach someone something
Presentation is...
• The Deck – the series of
slides that support your
The Pitch – the verbal part of
the presentation
Technovation Challenge
To win a competition you must know what
you are being judged on!
Judging Criteria
Find a copy of the
judging criteria in your
Workspace on Google
Judging Criteria
Is the problem being solved clearly
Does the team understand the customer
and/or end user?
 How well thought out is the solution?
 Does the team understand the market size
and opportunity?
 If there competition, is the solution
 If so, how?
Judging Criteria
• Does the solution leverage the
capabilities of mobile technology?
Is there vision for extending the
capabilities of the app beyond the
Judging Criteria
• Does the prototype reflect the product
Does the prototype have functionality?
Does the Deck convey the message?
Is the Pitch clear and concise?
The Deck
Know your audience
Simple design
One idea per slide
Use of images to support ideas – don’t
use a lot of text
Be organized – beginning, middle, end
Assemble a Draft
Create a Draft Presentation
Version control is important in everything you
• Name your presentation file TEAMNAMEv1
• After any major update or change add +1 so v2,
v3 etc.
• Do not just delete or discard the versions of your
• Start with a white presentation and black
• Use pre-set fonts and be pre-set point size etc.
• You will customize by adding graphics etc. once
you have the information firmed up
Create a Draft Presentation
• Do not get caught up in anything up in
anything BUT the information for first
Themes, images, colors etc will come
after the information is set...this is so
you don’t waste time perfecting
something that is not relevant.
The Deck
• Title
• The problem
• The solution
• Competition
• Market
• Value
• Future plans
Mentor Career Exploration
• Gather with your partner group in front
of the table with your mentor.
Hear about the mentors’ careers
Every 10 minutes switch tables
Weekly Reflections
• What did your team like about this
What challenges did your team have
this week?
Anything else your team would like to
Technovation Challenge
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Technovation Challenge
Ongoing Offsite Activities
Customer Development
Business Model Updates
Usability Testing
Evaluate Data
Work on Poster
Send app description to instructor
Continue to draft “deck”