Palitana Tirth – Bhav Yatra

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Transcript Palitana Tirth – Bhav Yatra

For Pathshala Students
Shatrunjay Tirth in Palitana, Gujarat
Mt. Shatrunjay, situated near the river Shatrunji, has about
900 temples each rivaling the others for beauty and
magnificence. The peak is a little over two miles, a climb of
over 3745 steps from the foot of the hill.
Let’s go, do Jatra!
Let’s go, do Jatra at JSMC Palitana!!
Jay Taleti
“Ädishvar Bhagawän Ki Jay!”
A temple constructed in the shape of Samavasaran has 108 idols of Bhagawän
Pärshvanäth from 108 Tirthas and 24 Tirthankars.
The top of the temple has 4 idols of a Tirthankar under a giant Ashok tree, giving
sermon facing all four directions just like Samavasaran.
Hingläj Hado
Shree Neminäth
Bhagawän’s Yakshini
Ambikä Devi is also
guardian of this region.
She saved pilgrims from
the tyrant demon Hingul
and made the pilgrimage
to Shatrunjay safe. Since
then she is known as
Hingläj Devi and helps
the pilgrims even today.
Padmavati Devi Mandir
In this small temple,
there is an idol of Devi
Padmävati with a sevenhooded serpent with
idol of Pärshvanäth
Bhagawän on the top
with a five-hooded
serpent. Here we bow
down to Devi Padmävati
as our Sädharmik.
Motishä Tunk
This magnificent temple was constructed
about 150 years ago by a businessman named
Motishä. In this complex, there are 15 other
temples and 125 small Deri. About 4000
workers worked for 7 years to build this
marvelous work of art.
Dädäni Tunk
The main temple of Ädinäth Bhagawän
Here is the main temple of Ädinäth Bhagawän. This 78 feet tall two-storied imposing
temple structure is supported by 72 pillars. Historically, temple was constructed by
King Kumärpäl in12th century. As it was destroyed during Muslim invasion it was
restored again during 15th century by Shree Karmäshä. Seeing the peaceful and serene,
white-colored, nearly 7 feet tallidol of Bhagawän Ädinäth, our heart forgets all the
worries and we bow down to Bhagawän’s feet with great joy.
Räyan pagalä
Under a very old Räyan
(berry) tree, a foot-idol of
Bhagawän Ädinäth was
installed in memory of
Bhagawän Ädinäth’s
Ajitnäth - Shäntinäth Deri
Here in two small temples there
are foot-idols of Bhagawän
Ajitnäth and Bhagawän
As the story goes, Muni Nandisen
during the time of Bhagawän
Mahävir was praying here. But as
these two temples were facing
each other he had his back to one
of these temples. Therefore, he
composed a Stotra (prayer) in
praise of these two Tirthankars
and both temples came next to
each other.
Siddha Vad (Banyan tree)
Even though infinite
numbers of souls have
liberated from Mt.
Shatrunjay, more souls have
liberated from here. So, it is
known as Siddha Vad.
Chandan Talävadi (pond)
Sudharma Swämi’s disciple
Chillan Muni came here with a
large number of pilgrims. On
the way, all of them became
very thirsty. Muni with his
special power created a pond of
clean water. While repenting
for the water souls, Muni
recited Iriyävahiyä sutra and
became enlightened with
Kevaljnän. Later on this place
became known as Chandan
Bhädaväno Dungar (hill)
On this very hill Lord Krishna’s chief queens
Rukmini and Jambvati’s sons respectively
Pradhyumna and Shämba were liberated
with other 850,000,00 Sädhus. It was the
thirteenth day of bright half of the month
Fägan. In the memory of that incident, only
on this day thousands and thousands of
Yätris embark upon Yäträ of about 12 miles
known as Chha Gau Yäträ around Mt.
Shatrunjay. This is one of the auspicious
days for Shatrunjay Yäträ.
Gheti Päg (road)
There is another trail from a small town
named Gheti to go up on Mt.
Shatrunjay. It is said that Bhagawän
Ädinäth had climbed from this side of
the mountain. Minister Udayan’s son
Ämbad had installed foot-idol of
bhagawan adinatha in about 12th
century. There are several other temples
nearby, where one of the temples has a
2200 year old idol of bhagawan