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Maureen Wong
Research Associate
BioAnalytical Research and Development
2002 Biotechnology Program Graduate
From there to here…
• B.A. in Theater Design and Technology,
University of California Santa Cruz
• Certificate Program in Biotechnology, City
College of San Francisco
• Lab Assistant, Genentech Inc.
Training Highlights…
• Laboratory techniques
• cell culture, ELISA, western blotting, SDS-PAGE
• IEF, chromatography, hybridoma development
• protein conjugations and purification, microscopy
• Research skills
• presentations, data analysis, experimental design
• high quality documentation
• Interpersonal skills
• teamwork, accountability
• Regulatory compliance
• Recruiting
• resume writing, interviewing skills, job
opportunities, networking
Current Job Responsibilities…
QuickTi me™ and a
T IFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
are needed to see thi s pi cture.
• Immunoassay development
– Preclinical/clinical studies
– Molecule characterization
– Potency assays
• Presentations
• Training of new technicians
Faces of success at Genentech…
Qu i c k T i m e ™ a n d a
T I F F (U n c o m p re s s e d ) d e c o m p re s s o r
a re n e e d e d to s e e t h i s p i c t u re .
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