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Dearybury Oil & Gas Fleet Card Program Prepared for PROSPECTS NAME HERE


      Dearybury Oil & Gas, Inc Partnerships MasterCard Program Controls and Security Reporting & Account Management Integration

Who We Are

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Dearybury Oil and Gas started its business by Charles William Dearybury Sr. (CW) by selling bags of coal direct from train containers to customers for home heating.

Time and Technology progressed and people chose to heat with fuel rather than coal. To meet customer’s demand CW went into the oil business and purchased the company’s first used oil truck for $300. CW then entered into a contract with EXXON and began supplying fuel.

Dearybury Oil and Gas bought its first gas station in Cowpens, SC. An enticement for customers to buy his gas CW and his father would give away dining room place settings for filling up


Dearybury Oil and Gas prospered by providing its customers with low prices, quality products, and dependable service.

Dearybury Oil and Gas became a member of Associated Petroleum Carriers allowing Dearybury Oil and Gas to haul its own product to service stations and bulk plants.

Who We Are

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Dearybury Oil and Gas entered into the wholesale gasoline, kerosene, and fuel oil business. During that time the Arab oil embargo and the fall of the Shah in Iran made oil scarce. Dearybury Oil and Gas proved to be a reliable supplier of petroleum products to our customers during a very tough time.


Dearybury Oil and Gas entered into the wholesale propane business allowing our customers to have a one stop shop Dearybury Oil and Gas continued to grow partnering with key suppliers and acquiring new customers.

Expanded business throughout the southeast to include Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.


Dearybury Oil and Gas Expanded its fleet to 15 trucks allowing us to continue to provide on demand service for all customers Charles William Dearybury Jr. took over the Company as President and CEO beginning the 2 nd generation of Dearybury Oil.

Under the helm of CW Jr. the company tripled its growth throughout the 90’s

Who We Are

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Dearybury Oil and Gas was one of a few suppliers to have product during the hurricanes Ivan and Katrina Dearybury Oil and Gas opened a new office in Wilmington, NC expanding our footprint to cover the states of North Carolina, Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee Dearybury Oil and Gas opened a new Office in Augusta, GA allowing us to better service our customers in western South Carolina, and Georgia Dearybury Oil and Gas opened a new office in Sumter, SC with the focus to build a better base of customers in the middle and Southern parts of the State.

2011-The Tradition Continues


   Dearybury Oil & Gas has an exclusive co-branded relationship with Comdata fleet card program which is backed by MasterCard.

Comdata is a well respected and fully integrated fleet card provider.

Dearybury Oil & Gas represent the frontline for your Fleet Card solutions.

MasterCard Program

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Better rural coverage and merchant relations because: Merchant fees are about half of the competitor's proprietary card.

Most widely accepted business‐to‐business card worldwide.

Card is universally accepted for all fuel products, enhancing the customer's ability to purchase alternative fuels, such as E85 and Bio‐diesel.

Card is widely accepted at Marina and Aviation locations thus no need for carrying multiple cards.

Card is accepted in Canada and Mexico, thus precluding the need for dual cards or programs.


Card is widely accepted at maintenance and non‐fuel locations and may be used for all fleet related purchases such as car washes, oil changes, tires, auto parts and service merchants, etc.

Software has the ability to pass data from maintenance locations for comprehensive reporting of service, parts and labor provided.

MasterCard Program

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Smart Buy‐‐ an online tool showing the least expensive retail and wholesale pricing, in real‐time, across the state and the country Ability to view transactions and authorizations in real‐time without having to wait 48‐72 hours for a transaction to post, and immediately determine if a driver enters the wrong PIN number, swipes the card incorrectly, has exceeded limits, etc.

Comprehensive data capture and reporting for both vehicle cards and driver cards Can interface with mobile re‐fuelers to capture data from fueling at remote locations Technical services support provided to "map" transaction data directly into fleet management software Ability to assign General Ledger coding to transactions and map the corresponding data to the agency's financial system

Controls and Security

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PIN & Odometer Prompting

Prompting performed at point of sale Pay‐at‐the pump terminals or inside electronic transactions will not authorize without a valid Drive ID/PIN# Odometer readings at the pump or inside the store can be used to track and calculate miles driven and miles per gallon on our web‐based reports

Level 3 Fuel Data Capture

Provides specific purchase information such as item description, quantity, price and sales tax information, combined with detailed merchant establishment information and cardholder information.

Controls and Security

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Cards can be reassigned/moved without having to reissue plastic Pre‐determined controls/purchase profiles may be assigned to a single card or an entire fleet Controls allow for a one‐time override with automatic reset to previous levels Both soft‐limits and hard‐limits may be applied on the same card

Card Level Controls

Software system allows card level controls that allow the customer to manage the purchase habits for each user and/or vehicle. The options for card control are virtually limitless. Customers can restrict (by individual card, company standard (grouping), CUST ID or account) the following: Purchases to fuel locations only Fuel and maintenance locations Merchant Category Code restrictions Purchase amounts Purchasing times (off‐hours, days, weekends) Velocity (number of transactions per day, per week, per cycle, etc.)

Reporting & Account Management

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Customized restrictions on a Card-by-Card basis

Restrict card to pay at pump only Limit number of transactions per day, week, or month Block weekend or after hour purchases, etc.

Real Time Account Access

View Transactions Online, Check Account Balances, View Invoices, etc.

Update PIN numbers Apply/Change purchasing restrictions, exceptions, etc.

Block cards, Order new cards Online Reports to Track Account Activity Help Fleet managers control fuel expenses and ensure that company fuel polices are being followed

Reporting and Account Management

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Administrative Report

Account Spend by Month Account Spend Analysis Analytic – GL Code File Analytic – Product Detail File Analytic – Summary File Card Listing Report Customer ID Group Summary Exception Listing ID Report

Reporting & Account Management

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Analytic – Fuel File Cardholder Activity – Fleet Cardholder ID Report Fuel Purchase Summary by Customer ID Fuel Purchase Summary by POS Fuel Purchase Summary by POS & Customer ID Fuel Purchase Summary by Vehicle MPG Report Vehicle Listing Vehicle Report


    Real Time Data Reporting No Monthly Card Fees 24 Hour Customer Service at no Fee Online Account Maintenance no Fee

Integration and Implementation

Underwriting •1 week Setup •1 Week Issue Cards •1 Week

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