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Global warming - a gradual increase
in the temperature of the Earth's
surface caused by the greenhouse
effect and causing climate change on
a global scale.
Over the last hundred years the average
temperature over land has increased by more
than half a degree. Scientific opinion is that
the average temperature of the Earth has
risen by 0,7 ° C.
Much of the warming observed over
the past 50 years due to human
activities primarily emissions of gases
that cause the greenhouse effect.
Global climate change is not limited to
warming. There is also a change in the
density of the saline oceans, increase
humidity, the changing nature of rainfall
and melting arctic ice.
In addition to sea level rise increase in
global temperatures will also lead to
changes in the amount and distribution
of rainfall.
The result can pochastishaty natural
disasters such as floods, droughts,
hurricanes and others.
Some researchers believe that global
warming - is a myth, some scholars
reject the possibility of human impact on
this process.