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1 2 3 4 5 Literature Poetry Speech Work Comprehension Vocabulary Development Structure Punctuation Continuous Writing Grammar Reading Comprehension Revision of Literary Terms Poem-Africa Revision of Vowel Sounds The More You Look Adjectives of Smell, Taste, Shape & describing surfaces Using Adjectives and Past participles to express emotions Revising commas, inverted commas and capital letters Informal Letters Direct and Indirect Speech Co-operation 6 7 Literature Vocabulary Development Grammar White Wizard – Tade Adedigbin Antonyms Noun Phrase



Continuous Writing Grammar

Spoken English Poetry

Revising Narrative & Descriptive Prose Verb Phrase

Intonation Patterns Complete Diet


AFRICA By Awele Okwudarue

Africa Africa A land so full of power That stands strong like a tower You are strong and black There is nothing you lack Land and fields are so green It’s part of what makes us seen.

Rich in cultures and customs There’s no other so lucky like you Your savannahs and wildlife Have never been seen in any part of the world Though you were once despised You have conquered them all Forced into culture you didn’t know You became victorious on your own They came to your land To steal your precious black gold I am so happy to be a black And I am so proud of that.

EVALUATION Answer the following questions.

1. The poem is about which continent?

2. What specifically did ‘they’ steal from Africa according to the poem?

3. The poet is proud to be a__________.

4. What two things does Africa have that ‘have never been seen in any other part of the world?

5. Africa’s land is fill of_______________.

6. Awele Okwudarue in his poem ‘Africa’ says the continent lacks_________________.

7. What does Awele Okwudarue say makes the African continent prominent in his poem ‘Africa’?

8. Awele Okwudarue’s poem ‘Africa’ ends on a note of____________.