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The Functional to Technical Overview of Implementing Electronic Data Exchange


Sunday, February 1, 2015 1:00-3:00 pm 201D

Session ID: S1.05

Susan Dorsey Assistant Registrar for Enrollment University of Colorado Boulder

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Jerald Bracken Software Engineer Brigham Young University

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Tuan Anh Do Director Enrollment Management Technology San Francisco State University

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This Session is brought to you by the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee

SPEEDE – A Professional Development Committee of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers


Implementing Electronic Data Exchange (EDX)

Computer-to-computer exchange of standardized business documents

 An electronic replacement for    Mail Fax Courier  Eliminates or reduces     Fraud Delays Re-keying of Data Errors (both in keying and interpretation) 4


 AACRAO SPEEDE Committee 

 Who is doing EDX (EDI or XML)   SPEEDE State Contacts SPEEDE State Status     SPEEDE-L Listserv Other SPEEDE Resources SPEEDE Committee Members Best Practices  P20W Electronic Standards Council 

   Implementation Guides (‘Standards & Info’) – EDI & XML XML Schemas Crosswalk of Institutional Codes 5



Electronic Data Exchange Primer – AACRAO Publication Written by the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee Addresses the most commonly asked questions regarding electronic data exchanges, including matters relating to both traditional EDI standards and contemporary XML data standards • National Student Clearinghouse’s Server

Implementing Electronic Data Exchange (EDX)

Printed Transcripts Fraudulent Transcripts Print Transcripts Student Data Transcript Request and Tracking PDF Transcripts EDX Transcripts XML or EDI Format Transcript Servers Postal Service PDF Agents Scan, Data Enter, & Evaluate Transcript Acknowledgements Print Transcript Process XML or EDI Student Data



We now have it within our power to completely eradicate fraudulent transcripts (using combination of EDX & PDF).


EDX & PDF Transcripts are no harder to implement than printing transcripts was originally. It is just a different Format .


The facility to send and receive EDX & PDF transcripts already exists within many student systems.


The facility to automatically process EDX transcripts already exists within many student systems.

• • • •

EDI Format

Delimited – like a CSV file Named “Segments” Mixture of Optional and Required fields and segments Multiple Occurring and Nested Segments

EDI Format

(continued) Delimiter full SES|200507|1|||Fall 2005; SUM|U|4|N|||1|||3.33; CRS|R|U||1|01|B+||||82|0014.000|3.33||CECN|801|Principles of Eng Economics; SES|200601|1|||Winter 2006; SUM|U|U|N|||1|||3.67; CRS|R|U||1|01|A-||||||3.67||CVL|425|Hydrology and Hydraulic Eng; SES|200609|1|||Fall 2006; SUM|U|U|N|||1|||3.67; CRS|R|U||1|01|A-||||||3.67||CVL|324|Geotech Properties of Soil I; Named Segment Empty – i.e. Optional Fields Segment Terminator

EDI Format

(continued) full

TS130 Implementation Guide

EDI Format


EDI Format

(continued) • • • Common Formatting Questions: Transmission Segments & Fields Institution ID’s Transcript Legend

XML Format

. . .

Tags full 1999-06 SM99 Quarter Regular Quarter Undergraduate 4 0 511 S 230401 0 LowerDivision COMM 121 COMMUNICATIONS I End Tags . . .

XML Format –

Implementation Guide

XML Format –

Implementation Guide

EDI & XML Formats Compared: • • • • • EDI Terse Positional Delimited Requires an IG to read Closed standard • • • • • • XML Verbose Named fields IG useful but not required to read Schema controlled Open standard Parsing tools readily available No New Development Active Development

The Role of Acknowledgements

• • TS 997 – Functional Acknowledgement TS 131 – Transcript Acknowledgement • XML Transcript Acknowledgement


Translation Software?

 Bridges the gap between EDX and your Application Software  Translates transactions in/out of EDI format    Provides the electronic “envelope” Provides Transmission Capability Manages EDX Documents    Receives/Reconciles Acknowledgments Reports Archiving


EDX Translation Software • Banner – integrated • • • • PeopleSoft – integrated Inovis (TrustedLink) – Standalone, EDI only 1 EDI Source – Standalone, EDI/XML UT Austin (Quick ‘N Easy Software) – easy print


XML Parsing and Schema Validation?

 XML & XML Schema Editors    LiquidXML Altova – XML Spy IDE’s – IntelliJ, NetBeans, etc.



EDI to XML and XML to EDI Software

Identify Trading Partners

 Top 10 Feeder Schools  Regional Project  Server Registrant Tables  AACRAO Activity List  State EDX Status Report and Contact Report 24

Trading Partner Agreements?

 Agree that document is ‘official’  Define the decision making process  Determine which version should be used  Identify problem resolution  Include Mapping Issues specific to the trading partners involved  List version, protocol, security, etc. used 25

Security Issues

   Authentication Acknowledgements (131’s, 997’s, and XML Responses)  Identify process for reconciling your transcripts Site Security  Privacy  Encryption

Acronyms & Terms:


– American National Standards Institute


– ANSI Committee responsible for electronic data standards … it comes after X11


– Electronic Data Interchange


– American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers


– Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic Data Exchange – both an AACRAO committee and the standards the committee created


– EXchange of Permanent Records Electronically for Students and Schools – Secondary school data


– Schools Interoperability Framework – Secondary school data 27

Acronyms & Terms




– P20W Electronic Standards Council


– eXtensible Mark-up Language


– XML Schema Definition

Core Lib

– Base Lib used by PESC XML Schemas

Sector Lib

– Local Lib used by a specific PESC XML Schema


– Portable Document Format


Electronic Data Exchange of EDI and XML Standards 28


What’s Happening in Your State/Region?

 -speede-committee/state-status-on-speede

State Contact List:

 -speede-committee/speede-state-contacts

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