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AACRAO and Federal
Relations Update
AACRAO and Federal
Relations Update
Postsecondary Institution Ratings System
Higher Education Act Reauthorization
FY 2015 Budget
Negotiated Rulemaking
Issues to Watch
• Several new publications released: Helping Veterans
Succeed and Retention, Disposal, and Archive of Student
• A new book on Transfer is scheduled for release by the
Baltimore Annual Meeting
• Look for several research reports from AACRAO’s new
research division (benchmarking surveys and cost/benefit
study of electronic record exchange)
• Reports from two task forces expected this summer: the
Task Force on International Admissions and Credential
Evaluation and the Program Task Force
• Upcoming meetings: Tech/Transfer July 6-8 in Ft.
Lauderdale; Summer Institute for International
Admissions July 28 to August 1 in Washington DC;
Strategic Enrollment Management conference October 2629 in Los Angeles
College Rating System
• New rating system for college by 2015
• Institutions to be evaluated on measure of access,
affordability, and outcomes.
• Calls on Congress to tie federal student aid to
college performance by 2018, such that students
who enroll at high performing colleges would
receive larger Pell Grants and more favorable rates
on student loans.
College Rating System
• Expands programs and options in an effort to help
struggling borrowers repay their debt.
• Challenges institutions to offer students a greater
range of affordable, high-quality options, such as
competency-based learning, course redesign, the
use of technology for student services and more
efforts to recognize prior learning.
• Other efforts to promote competency-based
HEA Reauthorization
Accreditation and the role of the “triad”
Simplifying FAFSA
Income-Based Repayment programs
Pell grant eligibility and funding
TRIO and Gear Up
Higher education tax credits
Taskforce on Regulatory Burden
Federal Budget Update
• FY 2014 Budget
– Sets annual spending levels at just above $1 trillion in
both the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years
– Softens second round of cuts under sequestration
– Ends a $3 billion program that sets aside a portion of
the Education Department's loan servicing contracts for
nonprofit lenders
– Reduces the compensation that guarantee agencies
receive for rehabilitating loans in the defunct bankbased student lending program
Federal Budget Update
• President Obama’s FY 2015 Blueprint
– Education Department would receive $68.6 billion in
discretionary funding, $1.3 billion more than last FY
– Increases maximum Pell Grant award by $100, from
$5,730 in 2014-15 to $5,830 in 2015-16
– Expands income-based repayment plans
– Makes permanent the American Opportunity Tax Credit
– Provides $7 billion over 10 years for College
Opportunity and Graduation Bonuses
Federal Budget Update
• President Obama’s FY 2015 Blueprint
– Includes $4 billion in new mandatory spending for
competitive grants for states to encourage performancebased funding
– Allocates $75 million in competitive grants to "reduce
costs and improve outcomes" at minority-serving
– Provides $6 billion for job-training programs at
community colleges and $100 million in additional
funds for the president's "First in the World" initiative
Negotiated Rulemaking
• Program Integrity and Improvement
– Topics include cash management of Title IV funds,
state authorization for online programs, underwriting
standards for PLUS loans, clock-to-credit-hour
conversions, and repeat coursework provisions
• Violence Against Women Act
• Gainful Employment
– NPRM published March 13th – draft rule does not do
enough to protect students from predatory practices.
Issues to Watch
• Competency-Based Education
• Federal Unit-Record Data System
• Veterans Issues
– DoD MOU for TA Program
– Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and
Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014
• 150% Direct Loan Legislation
• Immigration and the DREAM Act