SI Units - Sebastian Charter Junior High

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Transcript SI Units - Sebastian Charter Junior High

• EQ: What are SI units of measurement
and why are they so important?
SI Units
International System of Units
• SI (International
System of Units)Designated to provide
a worldwide standard
of physical
measurement for
science, industry, and
Length and Volume
• Length- Distance
between two points
– Meter
• Volume- Amount of
space an object occupies.
– Liter and Meter³
– Immersion is a way to find
volume for irregular shaped
objects (displacement)
Mass and Weight
• Mass- Amount of matter in an object.
– Kilogram
• Triple beam balance used to find mass
• Weight- Measurement of force.
– Newton (N)
• Depends on gravity
Temperature and Time
• Temperature- A measure
of kinetic energy or
energy of motion of the
particles that make up
– Kelvin (K) or Celcius
• Time- Interval between
two events
– Seconds or hours
• Rate- Amount of change
of 1 measurement in a
given amount of time
– EX: Speed