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Week Two
 Write your name on the inside cover of your novels and
place them on the designated table.
 Turn in ANY baseline essays-Due today.
 Take out your three-ring binder when requested. All
students need a section in their binder for Language Arts
1) DGP, 2) Handouts. Make these 2 dividers!!!
 Take out 2 sheets of paper.
 Follow the instructions for setting up your spiral
notebook for Reading Workshop
 DGP test Monday, 8/16.
Take out a sheet of lined paper.
 What is DGP?
 Talk in your table group.
 Daily Grammar Practice
 You will have DGP EVERYDAY’
 You will keep your notes NEAT, and copy your notes
to study EACH Week.
 You will have a test on MONDAY.
 This strategy will help you learn grammar.
 Use one side of one sheet of paper for all your notes
within a week.
 I will complete SPOT CHECKS for a grade.
 Keep all 5 notes sheet for the next 3 years!!!!!!
 REALLY!!!!!!!!!
 Monday-Parts of speech
 Tuesday- Sentence Parts
 Weds.-clause, type, purpose
 Thurs.- Punctuation and verb conjugation
 Friday-diagram sentence
Agenda 8/12
 Conjugate verb DGP- study for DGP test on Monday.
 Complete textbook scavenger hunt.
 Narrative writing vocabulary categories
Conjugate on Thurs.
 I, He or she, and They:
 I jump, He jumps, They jump
 I, He ,They jumped
 I,He,They will jump
 I, He, They:
 I have jumped, They have jumped, He has jumped
 I had jumped, He had jumped, They had jumped
 I,He, They will have jumped
 The perfect tenses ALWAYS use the past participle
verb with these hekping verbs.
Agenda 8/11
 DGP- sentence type
 Pretest corrections-Quiz Friday
 POS Cornell Notes- in binder.
 Make sure to bring a novel EVERY DAY.
Where can you find study notes?
 In your agenda
 In your DGP handouts
 Your own Cornell Notes
 Online at classzone.com—register using information
from the syllabus
Agenda 8/13
 SSR 30 minutes
 Readers Notebook reflection( five to eight sentences
 POS Quiz
 Scavenger Hunt or Reader’s Survey