Transcript Week 1 DGP

Week 1 DGP
many students work on the star our
school newspaper
Week 2 DGP
someones copy of ethan frome a novel
was found in the room but my copy of
the play our town is missing
Week 3 DGP
standing on a ladder I slipped an broke
a window
Week 4 DGP
both breck and jolie drove their cars
for a long time and then found
themselves in arkansas
Week 5 DGP
the four men worked hard to finish the
job their boss gave them a large bonus
Week 6 DGP
mahua enjoys flying kites so we
bought her a new ball of string
Week 7 DGP
the southside baptist church
sponsored a festival my mother
bought some french pastries there
Week 8 DGP
wally was eager to prove that his dog
blue was different from the other
hunting dogs
Week 9 DGP
i must have drunk four cups of cocoa
because i was frozen from skating on
lake kenton
Week 10 DGP
can you lend larry and me that literary
cavalcade magazine or does your
group need it to finish the assignment
Week 11 DGP
while we were driving on the brewton
highway we saw a burning garage with
several cars in it
Week 12 DGP
my uncle from pittsburgh pennsylvania
recently bought a boat which he will
keep on our lake
Week 13 DGP
she should have thrown out those
magazines dated before may 20 1068
because not one of them is useful
Week 14 DGP
in the novel a tale of two cities there is
a character named dr manette who
has a pretty daughter
Week 15 DGP
I like the fact that anne sexton uses
descriptive and shcoking language in
her poem courage
Week 16 DGP
rebekka likes reading novels writing
poetry and diagramming sentences
Week 17 DGP
my friend alexis watched friends on
thursday and said it wasn’t very funny
Week 18 DGP
after we read the play the taming of
the shrew mrs basu showed us the
Week 19 DGP
alfonso my mothers cousin bought
new running shoes since he enjoys
Week 20 DGP
who wants to sign up to hear stefanos
band in concert
Week 21 DGP
the guy who sits behind marsha likes
to play the drums on his desk during
Week 22 DGP
jack who rides the bus to school on
fridays has the best grade in latin
Week 23 DGP
pauls friend moved here from manteca
california on january 22 1999 but now
his family is moving again
Week 24 DGP
neither of the girls remembered to do
her dgp there fore they were confused
about grammar
Week 25 DGP
the story that franklin read was sad it
was about a little bird that broke its
Week 26 DGP
ethels friend kaitlyn likes to babysit so
that she can play with the childrens
Week 27 DGP
andrew took his wrinkled shirt to his
neighbors house because the neighbor
has a nice new iron
Week 28 DGP
in william shakespears play julius
caesar brutus joins the conspiracy to
assassinate caesar but he doesn’t think
that killing marc antony is necessary
Week 29 DGP
three pigs from that story with the
wolf were on the news yesterday after
a girl with a riding hood filed a
complaint against the wolf
Week 30 DGP
mrs ginsburg out teacher has told us
that this is our last sentence of the
year but it is a pretty tricky one