DGP – Friday - Seckman High School

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DGP – Friday
1. Make the giant PLUS sign.
2. Use the DGP from Tuesday to help you place all words.
3. Remember, all SUBJECT items go on the left side and all
PREDICATE items go on the right side.
4. Place the simple subject.
5. Place the simple predicate (verb or verb phrase).
6. Determine if there is a complement (can you answer “Subject,
verb, what?” If so, you have a complement).
7. Remember, a prep phrase can fool you!
8. Decide if the verb is action (straight line) or linking (slanty line).
Place the complement after it.
9. Place all modifiers under the words they modify (adjective,
adverbs, prep phrases).
10. If the sentence is compound or complex, diagram the
connecting words and the other clause(s).
11. Look for interjections or NDAs. Place them on a separate line
above the subject.
12. Use your DGP Diagram Sheet to help you!
DGP - Diagramming
DGP Diagramming Examples
Yes! My friend is an extremely brilliant artist.
I want to eat lunch.
I know a good place to eat lunch.
Use the examples
above to help you
with your sentence.
Racquel, Tim’s sister really likes cats, Dad.