Suicide rates (by race and Gender)

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Transcript Suicide rates (by race and Gender)

Why Do People Kill Themselves?
The National Institute Of Mental Health (2009) says:
“The number one risk factor for suicide is depression
and other mental disorders. More than 90% of
people who die by suicide have these risk factors”
• Older White men commit suicide at the highest rates of any population group.
Widowhood, serious medical illness, and social isolation are common risk factors.
• Men are more likely to commit suicide and women are more likely to attempt
• Living along and being single increase the risk of suicide. Divorced, separated, and
widowed people are more likely than married ones to commit suicide. Again, men
are more likely than women to do so.
• Parenthood (even pregnancy) decreases the risk of suicide.
• Suicide rates are higher in rural areas. The Rocky Mountain and Western states
have the highest rates of suicide.
• Religion seems to protect people against suicide. This works for both people who
are “spiritual” but don’t go to church much and for those who attend religious
services. Areas of the country with more non-religious people have more suicides.
• There are 1100 suicides (and 24k attempts) on college campuses every year and it
is the SECOND LEADING CAUSE of death (after accidents). Suicides more
prevalent in elite schools. More seniors than freshmen and more graduate students
than undergrads.
US Dept of Health and Human Services, 2007
Two Kinds Of Suicide
Affected By Social Integration
according to Emile Durkheim (1897)
Society Is Too Weak
Society Is Too Strong