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Parent Meeting
November 11th, 2014
Welcome and Goals
Explanation of Materials
 Introductions
 Why are we here?
What is the Owensboro Innovation Academy (OIA)?
Is your child a good fit for this Academy?
 What is the application process and timeline?
What is the Owensboro Innovation
History – What has led us here?
College and Career Readiness
 Research
 Economic/Job Needs
 District of Innovation
 New Tech Network affiliation: Thanks Public
Life Foundation
OIA Elements
Project-based Real-World Learning
 Innovative Technology
 Culture of Trust, Respect, and
 Integrated Learning in Teams
 Schools that look like the workplace
Snapshot Video
Envisioning OIA
Complete High School Experience
 Students from the Region
 100 students in 9th grade for 2014-15; 100
students added to each grade level until
2018-19. 400 students MAXIMUM
 Specified Career Pathways
 Competency-Based Instruction
 Internships
Career Pathways
Life Science/Biomedical Sciences
 Industrial Engineering
 Computer Information Technology
 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Questions Already Asked…
How is this different than Community
 What about the zoned high school?
 What about state testing?
 Is Transportation available?
 What kind of schedule will the Academy be
Questions Already Asked…
What about breakfast and lunch?
 Foreign Language?
 Health/PE? Computer Applications?
 Will AP Courses be offered?
 College Credit Opportunities?
 Will students be prepared for ACT and
 Is Curriculum tied to Standards?
Questions Already Asked…
How much homework is given?
 What about sports and extra/co-curricular
 Is online credit a part of the schedule?
 Do I have to be present 100% of the time?
 How many teachers will be a part of OIA?
 How will students be chosen?
Next Steps and Deadlines
Apply online if you haven’t already
 Submit Parent Verification Form tonight or to
school Guidance Counselor
 Indicate 1st and 2nd choice for career
 Deadline for Application and Verification is
4:00 pm CST December 5th, 2014.
 Communications go to all about acceptance
Contact Information
DCPS: Marcia Carpenter
[email protected]
OPS: Beth Benjamin
[email protected]