Robinwood Trip to Dobroyd Castle 9th – 11th October 2013

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Transcript Robinwood Trip to Dobroyd Castle 9th – 11th October 2013

Robinwood Trip to Dobroyd Castle 9


– 11


October 2013

 Staff accompanying children  Arriving at school on the 9 th   Arrival at Robinwood and departure Activities  Dining  Sleeping arrangements  What to pack  Emergency contact/medical forms   Contact details Hand out important information and luggage labels

Staff who are going

Mrs Fraine, first aider Mrs Potts Mr Brown Miss Coldwell

Morning of 9

th Arrival at School o Normal start time.

o Luggage and children to come to main reception.

o Bags stored in the school hall.

o Register taken.

o Depart at 10am.


Arrival at Dobroyd o Meet mini bus and transfer luggage.

o o Meet our group leaders.

Walk 11/2 miles to the activity centre…the fun begins!

Arrival at Robinwood

     Welcome meeting and lunch.

Go to dorms and move luggage, settle in.

Activities begin at 1pm.

Children have been organised into 2 groups with an even split of girls and boys. Valley and Hill Groups. 2 members of staff from school are with each group.

              


Night line (OD) Canoeing (OD WATER) Raft Building (OD WATER) Archery (ID) Team Challenge (ID) Trapeze (ID) Zip Wire (OD) Piranha Pool (ID WATER) Quest (OD) Giant Swing (OD) Crate Challenge (ID) Caving (ID) Climbing (ID) Obstacle Course (OD) Dungeon of Doom (ID)

Dining Arrangements

    Breakfast at 7.40am

Lunch Tea Supper snack  Specific dietary requirements were asked for on the contact forms.

Bed time

 Children return from evening activities at approximately 9pm.  Allowed some time in their rooms.

      Supper snack-orange juice and a biscuit.

Our staff are responsible for the children after the evening activities. We’ll settle them down ready for a good night sleep.

Our staff patrol corridors.

Staff are on hand all night.

Lights out for 10pm.

Wake up call for breakfast.

What to pack

   Everyone has been given a kit list with the basics on. There is no need to go out and buy anything special for a trip to Robinwood, all specialist equipment is provided.

Robinwood also provides a selection of additional clothing which is ideal for activities. Additional clothing provided includes; heavy duty waterproof cagouls, over trousers, warm fibre pile mittens, heavy duty wellies, footwear for water sports activities, full sets of clothing for the piranha pool and additional towels.

Important Information

    Personal information forms must be completed at this meeting if they haven’t already.

You have been given kit lists and luggage labels. It’s very important their luggage is clearly marked with their name and school as other schools are there as well.

You’ve been given contact details in case of an emergency. Please no mobile phones, electrical items, Ipods, etc.

Don’t worry about them. They’re going to have the time of their lives!!