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The Columbus
Meeting the challanges of the future
Lars Karlsson, Director, WCO
Global Dialogue on Capacity Building
Johannesburg 4th April 2007
In a majority of our 171 Member countries 50 % of state
för 50-70
% av allatax
income (or more)
come from
inkomster i mer än 100 av världens länder
Sweden has a long tradition of capacity building and sustainable development.
SIDA has
projects in 120iscountries
around the
a prioritized
Protection of society is an increasing demand
A unique opportunity
SAFE Framework of Standards
The revised Kyoto Convention in force
The WCO Columbus Programme
- Aid for SAFE trade -
The aim is implementation
of international standards for
Customs and Trade leading
to sustainable development
Phase II - Implementation
The Columbus programme
– Needs assessment
Phase I
Columbus Programme
Phase I – According to plan
• 145
• 63
countries committed to SAFE FoS
diagnostic missions done so far
• 105
before the Council, June 2007 (all)
Lessons learned - Trends and Patterns
• Political will to change
WCO Columbus programme
Trends & Patterns
• Need for a holistic view on reform
• Strategic management development needed
• Risk management instead of risk analysis
• ICT & technical equipment implemented, not used
• Lack of key competences needed for change
patterns emerging from the
columbus programme phase I
needs assessment mission
reports based on the WCO
Diagnostic Framework
• Need for more day-to-day cooperation with trade
• Need to for modern compliance & control models
• Customs are well positioned to lead IBM
The Columbus programme
- Implementation
Phase II
+ 20 Members in Phase II
”We have moved from needs assessment into action”
• Action Planning
• Implementation programming
• Donor Matchmaking
• Models and tools
• Consultancy
• Recruitment and accreditation
• Contracting and tendering
• Building sustainable structures
• Pilot projects
• Seminars and workshops
and more…
Phase III
– Monitoring & Evaluation
The Columbus programme
Phase III – Monitoring
108 countries so far
”We monitor the progress of implementation”
- Update of matrix in March 2007
- Analysis in Trends and Patterns report April 2007
- Website on-line application May 2007
Partnerships & Cooperation
A Global Dialogue on Capacity Building
• Member Government Support
• Phase one fully funded
• Cooperation with international institutions and organizations
• Partnership with trade and industry
What is the added value?
• A holistic approach
• Based on national priorities, regional needs and
international requirements
• Implementation of internationally adopted standards
• Exploiting synergies with neighbouring countries and
trading partners
• Developing the local management infrastructure as well the
operational capacity
• Empowering own capacity to manage change
We are ready to work in
cooperation with every other
organization that is
interested in sustainable
development !
We can help create the
climate to make your
projects more effective !