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Transcript Academic/Major Advisors Training Powerpoint

Starfish Training
Welcome Advisors
In this training you will learn:
– What roles you play in managing
appointments and alerts
– How to set up a Starfish profile
to personalize your experience
– How to set up Office Hours
– How to document Appointments
– How to raise and clear alerts
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What is Starfish?
“I made a
difference for
that one.”
We are.
A Student Success Company
We believe.
The campus community engaged with a
student will lead to that student’s
We help academic institutions.
Identify. Which students are at risk
Guide. Where do I go to get/offer help?
Connect. When can I get help?
Optimize. How are services performing?
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Starfish – Advisor roles
Advising roles can:
Set up profile and office/service hours
Manage alerts, document activities and
communicate with students.
Manage assigned cases and provide
advising services to students
Connect students to other available
Review student information of assigned
students or students in their area
Create and document appointments
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Starfish – Front Desk roles
Front Desk roles can:
Manage calendars and appointments for
Manage a waiting room kiosk and
student queue
Assist students who sign in at an Advising
Add notes to student folders
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Starfish – Instructor role
Instructors can:
Set up office hours and a profile that
students can see
Raise alerts.
Respond to progress surveys
Communicate with their students via
Make appointments with their students
and document outcomes
Guide their students to information
about available services
Review student information of students
enrolled in his/her courses
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Starfish – Student
All students who are Starfish users
Set up a profile and communications
Make and Track appointments with
advisors or others in their ‘success
Review flags/kudos raised and respond
Find and connect to recommended
/available services
Slide 7
Try it!
Login using your normal network id and password
In production, you will have a link to Starfish
We are logging into the TEST version of Starfish
DO NOT COPY/SAVE the URL we are using today for later
use. You will be connecting to the test site.
Items you create today that generate email will be sent to
Patty Take because the system is in silent mode. When you
sign in to the live system, emails will be generated and sent
to students/staff based on the configuration of each item
The data in your test system is recently pulled from
production. Student information such as ids etc. should be
treated with care
Office Hours Wizard on First time Log in
Your Starfish Dashboard
Profile – Institutional Profile
Appointment Preferences
Email Notification Preferences
Starfish Navigation
Calendar Manager’s View
Creating an Appointment
Reserved Time and Walk-in Meetings
Appointment e-mail
Student Folder View
Using the Kiosk and Waiting Room
Using the Kiosk and Waiting Room
Using the Kiosk and Waiting Room
Using the Kiosk and Waiting Room
Student Folder - Add a note
My Students
Respond to Progress Surveys
Respond to a Progress Survey
Confirm submission of a Progress Survey
Open Progress Surveys
SIUE Tracking Items
Flag Name
Slide 30
Raising a Flag
From the Student list or from
the individual student’s folder
Raising a Flag
Viewing a Raised Flag – Student Folder
Clear Flag and Close Loop
Student View – initial Logon
Student View - Dashboard
– What are some features in Starfish
that you will use in your role
– Who are the primary raisers of
– Who are the primary responders?
– What can the student do
– What are your biggest questions
right now?
Slide 37
You are ready to begin utilizing Starfish!
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Having trouble?
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