Administrator Leadership Academy Curriculum and Instruction

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Transcript Administrator Leadership Academy Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction

Sheila Smith-Anderson

The Instructional Core Cultural Responsiveness DIFFERENTIATION Customized instruction for each student Standards–based Curriculum


The Curriculum and Instruction Office will….

1. Implement the district-wide instructional focus of differentiation through the SLPS Literacy Model.

2. Work with cluster level instructional/leadership teams to improve teaching and learning for all students.

3. Work with schools to identify, learn, use, and monitor effective evidence-based teaching practices to meet the needs of each student.

4. Design specific, targeted professional development to support the learning goals identified in the District Accountability Plan and individual School Improvement Plan.

5. Provide expert content area support to the schools.

Curriculum & Instruction – Building Capacity to Improve Teaching and Learning

Esther Palsenberger ELA Curriculum Specialist Dr. Susan Raney Science Curriculum Specialist Nicole Roberts PD Instructional Technology Specialist

Curriculum and Instruction Sheila Smith-Anderson Curriculum and Instruction

Vacant Mathematics Curriculum Specialist GegiMara Ra-El Social Studies Curriculum Specialist Vacant Visual Arts/Springboard Curriculum Specialist Margaret (Leanne) White AIM for Fitness Project Director Natasha Mitchell PD Instructional Technology Specialist Vacant MyLearningPlan Administrative Assistant Gail Mathews Data Specialist June Bodeman Secretary Mia Carpenter Mathematics Curriculum Specialist Scott Deppong Social Studies Curriculum Specialist Judine Keplar ELA Curriculum Specialist Tracy Bednarick Science Curriculum Specialist Kaye Harrelson Music Curriculum Specialist Bill Trefts Music Technician Colleen Patrick PD Instructional Technology Specialist Michelle Jones Gifted & Talented Coordinator Tom LaRosa School Psych Examiner Karen Muhammad Gifted & Talented Clerk

The Role of the Curriculum Specialist

           Model Observe Give descriptive, constructive feedback Support school improvement efforts -- work with cluster assigned schools in the improvement efforts of teaching and learning Provide resources Provide individual and collective professional development Provide expert content and process knowledge Ensure fidelity of the written curriculum Ensure fidelity of the district adopted curricular material Build teacher capacity Use data to drive decisions The role of the supervisor is NOT: ◦ Evaluation

 ◦ ◦ Aligned with Missouri Learning Standards ◦ Writing curriculum for K-8 to accompany reading standards ◦ Balanced Literacy  Migrate from basal text to meet rigor of Missouri Learning Standards  Text-based; mentor texts All content areas K-12 In some content areas, the Content Level Expectations are included 5

Time Frame Oct.

Missouri Learning Standards (Common Core Standards)

Unit 2 Goal 1 Standards:


3.RL.1 Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.

Content Objectives Students will be able to…

Goal 1 Mini Lessons :  Become the character through  dramatization. (hyperlink to lessons) See the world of the story through the eyes of the character. (hyperlink to lessons)


Goal 1 Resources: Hyperlinked Mini Lessons

Assessment Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of the standards by…

Goal 1 Assessments: Classroom Library: Containers/tubs of leveled books and interesting books and “not so interesting” books Formative Assessment Reading Logs Anchor Charts- co-created Goal-setting template Reading Journals  Make connections with the Total Participation Techniques (partner A/partner B; elbow partners)  Unit Assessment character and text-to-self. checklist (hyperlink to lessons) Anchor Texts Suggestions: Fairy Tales Folk tales Myths The Two Volcanos Poppleton Poppy Because of Winn Dixie Charlotte’s Webb  (hyperlink) Anecdotal notes Teacher Made 6 Assessments

          Use of District Curriculum and Pacing Guides Use of the Instructional Cycle Lesson Planning with Differentiation Black Board Configuration SLPS Literacy Model Total Participation Techniques Marzano Teaching Strategies Classroom Management System for Class and School Conflict Resolution or Behavior Management System System for Building Community

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