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Main Issues
IAOPA Regional Meeting
18 October 2008
Foreign Licenses
 Proposed regulation is a severe attack on third
country licenses
 It will stop many GA operations that today are
carried out with a perfect safety record
 Instead of fixing deficiencies on our own
licencing system we ban out the competition
 Let us create an environment where European
licenses are attractive and our FTOs are
Management systems
 The extensive requirement for management
systems and quality control systems will for small
training organisations be completely overwhelming.
 Specially for the current ”registered facilities”
 It contradicts the concept of a simple LPL licence if
the organisational requirements put unrealistic
burdens on the flying schools
Leisure Pilot License
 Can we agree on a common approach
for the LPL and basic LPL?
 Is it safe?
 Do we support the principles?
LPL concept in brief
 Leisure Pilot License for non-commercial
operations with single engine piston
engine aircraft up to 2000 kg (glider,
ballon, helicopter, aircraft)
 Ratings:
Mountain, aerobatic, night etc.
Two variants of the LPL
 Basic LPL
Valid for local flights (50km) and carrying
max. one passenger. Requires 20 hours
flight time (10 hours dual)
 Full LPL
Valid for up to three passengers and with no
local flight restriction
LPL – pros and cons
Lighter requirements
Lower costs
It might get more
people into GA
It is what a number
of pilots wants (EAS)
 Is it safe?
 Will we see an increase in
accident rates?
 Will a bad safety record for
the LPL give GA in general
a negative reputation?
 Will it cannibalise the PPL
and increase costs for
existing PPL holders?
Possible compromise
 Support the LPL in general and the full
LPL in particular
 Express our reservations with respect to
the basic LPL
 Propose a 1000 kg limit for the basic LPL
Recurring checkride with
 The existing ”flight with an instructor” is
replaced with a checkride with an
 Does turning training into a test improve
the pilots skills?
 This may scare off people to not renew
their license
No solution for IMC Rating/PPL IR
 A solution must be found for the existing
holders of a UK instrument rating
 A realistic solution must be found for the
private pilot to achieve an IFR rating
This would also take away the number one
reason for people basing foreign registered
aircraft in Europe
LAPL instead of LPL
 The whole industry supports the name
Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL)
instead of Leisure Pilot License (LPL).
 The name should be changed even if it
comes from the Basic Regulation