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Today’s Presentation Will
Highlight IRS e-file Marketing
Efforts - Ongoing and Future
> 2000 Filing Season and Post-Filing
Season Campaign(s) and Activities
> Proposed Campaign Contents for 2001
and Beyond
IRS e-file is More Than
Electronic Filing
> IRS e-file Encompasses Using
> Authorized IRS e-file Providers
> TeleFile
> Home PC Filing
> Plus:
> Federal/State e-file
> Paperless Filing
> Electronic Payments Options
Marketing Approaches Continue
to Adapt Fundamentally
> Past Efforts Included:
> Utilizing IRS District Office Support
> Informing and Educating Taxpayers via
Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
> Present Efforts Are More
Sophisticated, Research-Driven and
> All of the Above + Paid Placement
> Ad Agency and Industry Support
2000 Campaign is
“Boosting the Momentum”
> Continues to Build on GROWING
Awareness/Usage of IRS e-file (30 Million)
> Focuses on Primary Motivators:
> Speed of Refund, Accuracy, and
> Contains Electronic Payment Messages
> Continues with PSA and Expanded Paid
Advertising Placement
IRS e-file Advertising is
“The Way To Go!”
PSA and Paid Television and Radio
Commercials, Magazine Ads, Internet
Banners, and Billboards Are All
Integrated to Project a “Corporate
Image” for IRS e-file.
Promotional Efforts Are Sparking
“Taxpayer Double-take”
• TV and Radio Ads Catching
Taxpayers’ Attention
• IRS e-file Print Ads Portraying a
“New, Improved, and Friendlier IRS”
Internet Usage to Promote IRS
e-file Is On the Rise
• IRS Web Site Ads
Promoting e-file Are
More Frequent
• IRS is Expanding
Into the Internet
Chat Session Realm
– .COM
– Talk City
IRS e-file Booth is Taking the
Country By Storm
IRS e-file is Expanding it’s Presence at
Technology Conferences and Trade Shows
Internet World - New York and Los Angeles
E-GOV - Washington, DC
Public Service Awareness Week - Washington, DC
Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations
Conference - Washington, DC
> IRS Nationwide Tax Forums - Atlantic City,
Miami, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans and Las
> AICPA Conference - Washington, DC
Marketing Tool Kit Continues
Supporting Campaign
> Improved (and will continue) to
Reflect Electronic Return Originator
(ERO) Feedback
> Redesigned for “Corporate Image”
and Contains:
> IRS e-file/Payment Information
> Q&As for Practitioners
> Refund Cycle Chart
2000 Post-Filing Season
Campaign Planned
Goal(s) Include Increasing Awareness
and Usage of e-file Opportunities By:
– Tax Practitioners
– Taxpayers
Planning for 2001 and
Beyond is Underway
• A Two Year IRS e-file Marketing Plan is in
Development. Campaign Messages Will
Current IRS e-file Messages
Revised Electronic Payments Messages
Federal/State e-file
Free Internet Filing and On-line Options
Expanded Paperless Filing Information
• A Federal and State e-file Marketing
Partnership Plan Is Soon To Be Executed
Planning for 2001 and
Beyond is Underway - Cont.
• A Two Year TeleFile Marketing Strategy is
Being Finalized to:
– Improve Efficiency of TeleFile Tax Package
– Expand Research Data on TeleFile Users and
– Utilize TeleFile Tax Package to Redirect NonUsers to Other e-file Options
• A Cooperative Marketing Effort Will Be
Initiated with Industry for Free Tax
Preparation AND e-file In the Near Future
• Research Will Continue
Driving IRS e-file Promotional Efforts
• Marketing Efforts and Partnerships Will
Continue to Improve and Expand
• Calendar Year Projections for 2001 e-file
Volumes Are Between 38 - 41 Million
• IRS e-file Volumes for 2000 Have Already
Surpassed 35 Million Returns and the e-file
Filing Season Isn’t Over Yet!