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LG Inform Update:
North West LARIA Group
Juliet Whitworth
Research and Information Manager
26 February 2015
Update on LG Inform
• Summary of 2014
• Looking forward to 2015
• What can LG Inform do for the North West
Summary of 2014
• A year of consolidation
• Small developments and fixes
• Focus on the data
– benchmarking club
– work with the East Midlands
– now working with South East Strategic Leaders
• Retender for developers
• Handing over LG Inform to new developers
Looking forward to 2015
• Now an exciting time
• Programme of performance improvements
– small bug fixes and design changes
– search improvements
– load times
– administrative improvements for efficiency
• Development of tablet version
• Outputs into word processing document
LG Inform and NW LARIA
• How can LG Inform work for you?
– Direct feedback
– Training
– Local benchmarking, joining in
– Local benchmarking, new indicators
• And a cheeky question…
• Would you like to be able to upload your own,
non-comparable local data?
LG Inform