(b) Significance of Project 10 points(recommend 4 pages)

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Transcript (b) Significance of Project 10 points(recommend 4 pages)

 1.
Increase Knowledge or
 2.
Building Local Capacity
 What
knowledge will your AIVR project add
to the field of rehabilitation?
 If
the issues or challenges are not resolved,
what will be the impact on American Indians
with disabilities living on or near your
 How
will use of traditional and culturally
relevant services help tribal consumers prepare
for, retain, and maintain employment?
 How
will your project build collaborative
partnerships that support the strategies and
activities of the project?
 Conduct
 needs of tribal members with disabilities
 focus group interviews with consumers and
family members
 in collaboration with State VR
 Present
research findings at CANAR
conferences, tribal Disability Awareness Days,
RSA Directors Conference
 How
will your AIVR project build local
capacity to improve and expand services to
prepare tribal consumers for employment?
Partnerships: employers, tribal and state programs,
higher education institutions, vocational training
programs, and small business administration
Collaborations: project presentations, Disability
Awareness Fairs, tribal activities and events
Outreach: attend public forums, promote AIVR services
through use of tribal radio stations
Dissemination: present at conferences, use of program
brochures, posters, business cards, tribal/project web
sites, tribal and CANAR newspaper