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Hongzhao Jian (Tracy)
Lan He
The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is a giant
in the area of consumer goods. The leading
maker of household products in the United States,
P&G has operations in nearly 80 countries around
the world and markets its nearly 300 brands in
more than 160 countries; more than half of the
company's revenues are derived overseas. Among
its products, which fall into the main categories
of fabric care, home care, beauty care, baby care,
family care, health care, snacks, and beverages.
Procter & Gamble Co., looking for ways to
boost its sluggish U.S. business, is accelerating
its efforts to win over Hispanic shoppers.
Because Hispanics accounted for more than half
of the gains in the U.S. population from 2000 to
However, sales in the U.S. Hispanic population
are showing better growth. In the past decade,
the demographics' spending on laundry,
household-cleaning supplies and personal-care
products grew nearly three times faster than
non-Hispanics' outlays, according to marketresearch firm Packaged Facts.
First, capture that preference
The company has found Hispanic consumers
are more likely to be fans of using fragrances
in their homes. P&G has rolled out products
including Febreze's "Destinations Collection" of
air fresheners featuring scents like Brazilian
Carnival and Hawaiian Aloha. Likewise, its new
Gain dish soap features fragrances like "Apple
Mango Tango."
Second, no obvious ethnic affiliation.
Other changes are more subtle. Most of the
products on a new website that P&G will roll
out Thursday to promote its products to
Hispanic consumers have no obvious ethnic
affiliation. They include Downy fabric
softener—but scented with lavender, which
P&G research shows Hispanic consumers
The products P&G chose not to include on
the site are also revealing. Many Hispanic
consumers, according to company research,
don't think dishwashers do a good job of
cleaning. So Gain dish soap makes the cut,
but P&G's blockbuster Cascade dishwasher
detergent is out.
Also on the agenda is
greater use of Spanish on
P&G products and coupons.
Such moves rankled some
shareholders who
complained at the
company's annual meeting
last October that most
Americans spoke English.
Ms. Healey is undeterred.
"We declared about a year
ago that we would be doing
more trilingual packaging
everywhere we possibly
could," she says, covering
Spanish, English and French,
for Canadian consumers.