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SNAP for Farmers
What is SNAP
 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
 Formerly the food stamp program
Why accept SNAP?
 Compliments the FMNP program with a wider range of
eligible products
 46 million Americans receive SNAP benefits
 NYS distributes over $5 Billion in SNAP benefits annually
SNAP adds customers and sales to your farm!
What is Market Link™
 Complete technology solution for farmers and markets.
 Smartphone, card reader and blue-tooth connected printer
 Nationally negotiated rates with third party processor
 USDA support for operational fees
 Expedited applications
Free Terminal Program
 Direct marketing
 Participating in at least
one market that is not
already SNAP
 Farmers market not
currently accepting
Eligible for Support
from NYS program:
 Direct marketing
 Farmers Market
 Mobile Market
Free Terminal Program:
Fees & Commitments
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
iPhone with card reader
Wireless data service
(2 years)
From $30/month*
Annual fee for payment
processing (1 year)
License Fee for
Transaction fees
SNAP: 15 cents per transaction
Credit & debit: 1.79% of sale plus 15 cents
* Varies based on provider (Verizon, AT&T, TMobile, etc.)
Options and Commitments
 Provide your own phone
 3 year commitment to
for full 3 years of fees
 iPhone
 Early termination fees
 Android
 iPad
 Mini iPad
NYS Program adds on:
 Training
 Promotional materials
 Signage
 Tokens
 Fee reimbursement:
 Transaction fees ((SNAP only)
 Annual processing fee
 Annual licensing fee
Where can you use the equipment?
 Anywhere that makes the most sense to you!
 Farmers market
 Can be used simultaneously with tokens
 Farm stand
 CSA programs
 Cannot accept prepayment greater than 14 days in advance, nor
membership or delivery fees
CANNOT be used for SNAP with online sales!
SNAP Eligible Products
 All fruits and vegetables
 Meats, fish and poultry
 Cheese and all dairy products
 Eggs
 Baked goods
 Processed foods
 Maple/honey/cider/juices
 Herbs – plants and bunched
 Plants and seeds that bear food
Ineligible Products:
• Non food products
• Wine & alcohol
• Hot foods
• Foods meant to be
eaten on site
Debit and Credit
 This is a part of the MarketLink package
 Fees are your own, no reimbursement
 No monthly minimums
Grow Sales with
Electronic Payments
 Community Merchants USA, reported in Forbes
Magazine that only 27% of sales today are
completed in cash.
 Cash sales are estimated to drop to less than 23% in
the next four years.
 Another study shows that the size of a sale can
increase as much as 40% when using a credit card.
 Do business the way your customers want to do
How do I participate?
 You must have an email address that is being used!
 Complete the USDA FNS Retailer application
 Requires copies of drivers license, Social Security card, business
license of some sort
 Complete the WorldPay Customer Processing Agreement
 Requires banking information
Two ways to go through the
1) go to
 Instructions are available to help you through the application
2) Phone appointment with Federation and do apps over the
 Completed apps emailed to you for signature and submission
Terminal Set up
 Once approved by USDA and after you have completed and
submitted the WorldPay application, you will receive your
new iPhone from Mobile Market+™
 Unpack and charge your iPhone
 Use the Quick Start Guide to prepare to accept transactions
Training by Market Link Team:
Terminal set up
Terminal usage
Your responsibilities
 Maintain adequate funds in your checking account to cover
Reconcile your account monthly
Farmers market mandatory training via webinar
Farmers must accept payment ONLY on SNAP eligible
Treat SNAP customers with dignity and respect
Be prepared to accept SNAP payments throughout the
market hours, each market day
What’s coming?
 Farmers Market Coalition
 USDA Supported assistance to markets with expiring
 SNAP-authorized farmers markets and direct marketing
farmers (who sell at one or more farmers markets) are eligible
for funding if they became authorized before Nov. 18,
2011, AND fall into one of the following categories:
 A. They do not currently possess functioning EBT equipment; OR
B. They currently possess functioning EBT equipment, but received
that equipment before May 2, 2012.
 Visit for eligibility (Feb 17)
 Mini-grants to build EBT programs (no date set yet)
Contact us today!
The Farmers Market Federation of NY provides SNAP assistance to
all farmers and markets in NY State