Transcript Document

‘Consortia’: New ways of working
Nick Gibson
Chair ConsortiCo
Progressing into Partnership
• Context:- policy drivers underpinning
• Consortia models:- advantages and
• How we built a consortium:- life cycle of
Policy Drivers
• Public Service Delivery
– EU Reviewed Working Services Directive in 2002
– 2006 (1st Jan) Public Contracts Regulations
“ to open up purchasing so that there is a single
market across the EU and to increase
competitiveness for contracts funded by public
“value for money enforced through competition”
Policy Drivers
• The Gershon Review (July 2004):‘Releasing Resources to the Frontline’
“Review of public sector efficiencies including
“Emphasised the need for Collaborative
Policy Drivers
• Third Sector Review (Dec 2007): The Future
Role of the Third Sector in Economic and
Social Regeneration: HMT & OTS Priorities for
“work on looking in detail at sub- contracting
arrangements and models for consortia, and the
implications of regional and sub regional
commissioning on third sector organisations”
Why consort?
• Collaborative purchasing leads to consortia
• Shift from grants to contracts
• Risk is being transferred
• 25% of turnover, guidance
Consortia Models
Lead Contractor
Formal Consortium
Building a Consortium
• Are your Board and Management team aware
of the future direction of Public Sector
contracting in your area/region?
• Are you incorporated?
• Governing Docs: Powers to trade, work in
partnership and area of op.
Building a Consortium
Find compatible partners and then:
• Explore shared vision, mission, aims,
• Memorandum of Understanding:- Legal Form
• Find some money
• Develop a joint business plan inc budget
• Membership Prospectus
• Appointment of staff
• Tender Proposals
• Formal Consortia Operating Structure
Agreement:- June 2009
• Incorporation Date:- May 2010
• Membership Prospectus issued:- July 2010
• Membership at start:- 8
• Membership now:- over 50 Charities
• Future Options Report:- February 2012