Transcript Norway

Country Name
By Student Name
Location and Map
What part of Europe is it in?
What countries border it?
What water bodies border it?
Find a map and put it in.
Land and Water Features and
• What is the size of the country in square miles
and how does it compare to Colorado
(104,000 sq. mi.) ?
• Does it have mountains, rivers, plains,
plateaus—what does it look like there?
• What type of climate does it have—12 types?
• Climate description—what is the climate like?
What they make and grow to earn money?
Common jobs that people have there
What is the GDP per capita?
How does their GDP per capita compare to the
U.S.($45,000) and world ($9,500)?
• What is the population of this country? How
does this compare to Colorado (4 million
• What language(s)?
• What religion(s)?
• What are some interesting things about how
they live—food, holidays, sports, music, etc.
• What type of government do they have and
who is the leader of their country?
• Go to Insert/clip art—type in the name of your
country in the box on the right; check the box
to Include content.
• Find pictures that fit the info in your slideshow
and insert them in your slides.
• You can have some slides with just pictures so
that you can make them big.
• If you have time, you can modify fonts,
backgrounds, and add animations
• List the websites and books that you used to
get the information for your powerpoint