Object-Based Storage

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Transcript Object-Based Storage

Object-Based Storage
Mike Mesnier, Carnegie Mellon and Intel
Gregory R. Ganger, Carnegie Mellon
Erik Riedel, Seagate Research
In IEEE Communications Magazine, Aug. 2003
Advanced Operating System
2011. 05. 25
HoSeok Seo
• Since the first disk drive,
disks have grown by over 6x in density and 4x in performance.
• But the storage interface is largely unchanged,
It’s now becoming a limiting factor for the storage architecture.
Need new interface for intelligent devices
• In the past
– a block-based storage interface
Ex) DAS ( direct-attached storage )
SAN ( Storage area network )
– a file-based storage interface (ex. NAS ( Network-attached storage ))
Ex) NAS ( network-attached storage )
• Now
– propose a object-based storage interface
A SAN FileSystem
• What is Object?
– A logical collection of bytes
– Composed of Data, Attribute, metadata
– The convergence of two technologies : files and blocks
• Files
– Good for Secure and Data sharing among different platforms.
– Ex) NAS
• Blocks
– Good for Performance.
– Ex) DAS, SAN
• NAS ( Network-attached Storage )
• SAN ( Storage Area Network )
• Summary of Architectures
Ref. http://minimonk.tistory.com/2096
A SAN File System
A SAN File System
How to get improved Data Sharing
• Interface
– Similar to a file system
– Easily extend object-specific methods
• Attributes
– File System shares a common set of information describing the data
– The key to giving storage devices an awareness of how objects are being
• Independent File System
How to get Security
• What is a capability?
– Authority for accessing the storage devices.
– Created by server.
– In encrypt.
• Clients get capability for accessing the storage devices.
How to get Intelligent
• Use object attributes for
– Understand the relationships between the blocks.
– Better organize the data and anticipate needs.
– Hint about the object’s behavior