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In memoriam
studied mathematics and energy economics in Vienna
 leader of Environmentally Compatible Energy Systems, IIASA
 long experience with energy scenarios and models
 co-director of International Energy Workshop (IEW)
 leading author in IPCC second report
 many publications, two of which have been classified among
the top ten ‘most influential papers’ in energy economics
 taught in Graz, Vienna, Beijing – had just started a PhD course
in Scenario Assessment at KTH…
 will be very much missed by his colleagues
Guest Professor Leo Schrattenholzer
Energy and Climate Studies
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
Energy and climate strategic platform
KTH’s research, education and interaction with industry and society in the field of
energy shall contribute with solutions towards sustainable energy systems to meet
climate and socio-economic challenges in the world. This will be accomplished by
working in the whole spectrum of basic research, product development, systems
innovation, and market implementation in national and international collaboration .
Energy and Climate Studies
Professor Semida Silveira
PhD, Head of division
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
[email protected]
Energy and Climate Studies at KTH
 build interdisciplinary team on energy systems studies at KTH
 create new knowledge on systems studies and climate
 combine and synthesize research on energy and climate
 link scientific knowledge with policy and development
Energy and Climate Studies at KTH
• resource management
• multiple use of resources
• structural changes in exchange flows between
natural and human systems
• physical and institutional infrastructure
Searching for synergies
conversion processes and
performance; applications;
resource management;
improved efficiency
of markets
optimize applications in
competitive markets;
project structure and finance;
risk management; institutions
biodiversity; socio-economic development in rural
areas; economic robustness of local and global
systems; climate change mitigation and adaptation
Energy and Climate Studies at KTH
Advisory board
Thomas Korsfeldt, former Director General for the Swedish
Energy Agency (chair)
Monica Gullberg, ÅF
Emi Hijino, Ministry of Environment
Henrik Blomgren, Head of Dept of Industrial Management, KTH
Kurt Karlsson, Swedfund
Matti Parikka, Swedish Energy Agency
Energy and Climate Studies at KTH
Facts and figures about the ECS group
Program start Sept 2007
Start-up budget SEK 13.2 (Swedish Energy Agency 2007-2011)
Other resources 2007-2008 – approx 1.2 million SEK
One post-doc and 6 PhD students in place / one to start June 2009
Three approved master’s theses
Two new master’s courses on energy policy and climate
Two visiting professors joining 2009
Cooperation in place
Stockholm Gas – Competitive Gas Options
EUBRANEX, Erasmus Mundus
Bioenergy cooperation Sweden and Brazil (based on MoU)
More in the link: www.energy.kth.se/index.asp?pnr=8&ID=1535&lang=1
Energy and Climate Studies at KTH
Energy and Climate Studies
Professor Semida Silveira
PhD, Head of division
School of Industrial Engineering and Management
[email protected]
How to develop, integrate
or improve energy systems?
We address constraints and opportunities on the way to sustainability
 planning and patterns of energy generation and use
 resource competition and management
 development needs and preferences
 infrastructure and technology systems options
 policies and incentives to change and innovate
 financial sources and investment opportunities
 institutional challenges
Energy and Climate Studies at KTH
How to develop and build
sustainable energy systems globally?
We search systems solutions that:
 satisfy criteria of efficiency, reliability and sustainability
 are in line with markets and technology options
 respond to climate change and development agendas
 explore international co-operation, fully incorporating developing countries
Energy and Climate Studies at KTH