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Pray for Uganda

• • 85% of the population claim to be Christians (42% are Roman Catholics) 37% claim to be evangelicals • Growth of the church in Uganda has been two fold - first, the vigorous, evangelical, Anglican based Church of Uganda (COU); and secondly, the mushrooming (and largely Charismatic) African independent churches (AICs).

• Uganda - named 'the pearl of Africa' by Sir Winston Churchill - has a population of 26 million, 50% of them under 14 years old. The north has experienced armed conflict since the 1980s; the south has had greater stability.


Pioneer mission by the Church Missionary Society in 1876. Periods of Persecution and hostility Independence from Britain in 1962 1971 Idi Amin established a ‘State of Blood’ he was suspicious of Christian leaders and was brutal in his suppression of any dissent.

A needy land

• In the north many are in refugee camps with very little in the way of facilities and medical attention.

Pray for Uganda!

• • • Pray for orderly and stable government Pray for the Africa Bible College – for the spread of good, clear bible teaching.

Pray for the collapse of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) in the north of the country. This is a brutal rebel group which kidnaps children.

Africa Bible College, Uganda