Chip bag heat Reflector

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Transcript Chip bag heat Reflector

Chip bag light
What Is it?
The chip bag reflector is a double sided reflective surface that
reflects sunlight and some heat towards or away from a surface.
The reflective surface is made from recycled chip bags.
How it’s made
There are four steps that go into making the chip bag reflector
1.) Clean- The chip bags are placed (in bulk) into a vat of water and
soap heated to 70 degrees. The cleaning tank spins and swirls the
2.) Trim- The bags are then trimmed to take of the glue strips and
opened up.
3.) bond- The bags are bonded together and folded onto
eachother with a high strength bonding agent. The bags come out
in a long sheet that is 200ft long and 27” Wide
4.) Cut- The bags are cut up into 28” long rolls. From there, they are
packaged in bulk and sold to retailers.
The benefits of using recycled chip bags are
Better for the environment- no litter
Better sales for chip companies- e.g.
Encourages recycling of all types.
How the bags are collected
The bags will be collected through recycling bins.
One of our trucks would transport to a recycling station.
This is what the recycling
bin would look like
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