Chapter 8 Help Students Move Outside Their Comfort Zone

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Transcript Chapter 8 Help Students Move Outside Their Comfort Zone

Chapter 8
Help Students Move Outside Their
Comfort Zone
Stuck Inside the Comfort Zone
• Small Children seem naturally to move outside
their comfort zone…this is why so much learning
goes on in the early years.
• As they get older, they become more reluctant to
wander into uncharted territory…
• 1. Fear Of OPO’s…we often think our value and
worth come from other people, we do those things
that will gain the approval of others, and avoid
those things that will garner their disapproval
• We walk around with Athena's on our heads and
zero in on what others approve of and what they
• Other OPO are powerful…especially in our
students’ lives.
• Top 20 teachers help their students make decisions
about OPOs based on Best interest
Stuck Inside the Comfort Zone
• 2. Fear of Failure…Failure is something we do;
not who we are…it is a necessary part of every
person’s natural
development…babies...crawling…potential to
crawl is developed into their ability to crawl
Success happens
When people
Learn enough
From failure
Try one more time…
Responses from others to our failures
and mistakes…
…others responded by helpful, supporting or encouraging them when they failed
or made a mistake…
1. Count 1 and 2s
2. Read Pop corn Story (ones); read The
flashlight story (twos)
3. 10 min and reflect
4.Inner and outer circle (ones outside
and twos inside circle facing ones)
5.Discussion one’s only
6.Discussion two’s only
7. Share out…
AWARE …are aware of their
own beliefs about themselves as
mistakes makers and their own beliefs
about failure.
Conscious Choices …1st
conscious choice regards how they
want to respond when they make a
mistake…2nd conscious choice is how
to respond to others, especially
children, when they make a mistake..
T about their own
mistakes and failures