"The Hearth and the Salamander" Vocabulary Terms PPT

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Transcript "The Hearth and the Salamander" Vocabulary Terms PPT

Bellwork: 8/15/14
• Take out your homework from last night (the 22
vocabulary terms and their definitions).
• Place it on top of your desk.
• Take out your notes from Fahrenheit 451 and a new sheet
of paper.
• Head it appropriately and title it “F451 Notes, cont.”
We will spend the majority of the class period reading Part
I “The Hearth and the Salamander.”
Fahrenheit 451
“The Hearth and the
Vocabulary Words List
1. hearth:
a brick, stone, or concrete area in front of a fireplace
the floor of a fireplace
2. salamander:
a small animal that looks like a lizard with smooth skin and that lives
both on land and in water
3. kerosene:
a flammable hydrocarbon oil usually obtained by distillation of
petroleum and used as a fuel, solvent, and thinner
4. luxuriously:
very comfortable and expensive : richly appealing
feeling or showing a desire for expensive things
5. prior:
existing or coming before in time, order, or importance
6. compress:
to press or squeeze (something) so that it is smaller or fills less space
to make (something) shorter or smaller
7. hypnotize: to put (a person) into a state of hypnosis
to hold the attention of (someone) : to attract (someone) in a powerful or
mysterious way
8. marionette:
a puppet that is moved by pulling strings or wires that are attached to its body
9. thimble:
a small metal or plastic cap used in sewing to protect the finger that pushes the
10. distill:
to make (a liquid) pure by heating it until it becomes a gas and then cooling it until
it is a liquid again
to purify (a liquid) by distillation
to make (a strong alcoholic drink) by using this process
to take the most important parts of something and put them in a different and
usually improved form
11. gush:
to flow out very quickly and in large amounts
to produce a large amount of (a quickly flowing liquid)
to speak in an extremely enthusiastic way
12. exotic:
very different, strange, or unusual
13. phoenix:
a magical bird in ancient stories that lives for 500 years before it burns itself
to death and then is born again from its ashes
14. capillary:
resembling a hair especially in slender elongated form<capillary leaves>
having a very small bore <a capillary tube>
involving, held by, or resulting from surface tension<capillary water in the
15. proclivity:
an inclination or predisposition toward something; especially: a strong
inherent inclination toward something
16. cellophane:
a thin transparent material that is used for wrapping things
17. asylum:
protection given by a government to someone who has left another country in order to
escape being harmed
a hospital where people who are mentally ill are cared
18. odious:
causing hatred or strong dislike
19. flourish:
to grow well : to be healthy
to be very successful : to do very well
20. cacophony: unpleasant loud sounds
21. pantomime:
a way of expressing information or telling a story without words by using body movements
and facial expressions
a performance in which a story is told without words by using body movements and facial
22. centrifuge:
a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate substances or parts of substances
• Write one complete sentence for each
vocabulary word. Make sure you use the correct
meaning and part of speech.