The Lion King and the Hero`s Journey

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Transcript The Lion King and the Hero`s Journey

The Lion King and the Hero’s
The Call to Adventure
•The first sign the hero has
that his/her life is going to
Death of Mufasa
The Refusal of the Call
To say no
►After the Call to Adventure, the
future hero refuses to listen to it.
This may be because he or she is
afraid or someone else does not
want the hero to leave.
Simba doesn’t want to leave
Pride Rock
But the king IS dead. And if it weren't for
you, he'd still be alive. Oh! What will your
mother think? -Scar
The Beginning of the Adventure
hero leaves the
world he/she is used to
and enters a new,
unknown and dangerous
From Pride Rock to the desert…
Well, he's as good as dead
out there anyway. And IF
he comes back, we'll kill
him. ~Hyenas
The Road of Trials
road of trials is a
series of tests, or
challenges that the hero
must undergo.
► Often the hero fails one
or more of these tests.
Trials: surviving and growing up
The Experience with Unconditional
this point in the
adventure, the hero
experiences a love that is
powerful and significant.
Nala, Timon and Pumba, Mufasa,
The Ultimate Boon
ultimate boon is the
achievement of the goal of
the quest. All other steps have
been preparing the hero for this
The Ultimate Boon
Simba defeats Scar and
becomes King.
The Full Circle