FSUSD Graduation Requirements

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Transcript FSUSD Graduation Requirements

The vision of Rodriguez High School is to challenge students to be good citizens, critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

     High School graduation is based on credits earned Students need to earn 230 credits in order to graduate Students take 60 credits of coursework each year Credits are awarded for grades A, B, C and D Students must also pass California High School Exit Exam in English and Mathematics (offered February of 10 th grade year)

       English Electives 40 Mathematics Science Social Studies Art/Foreign Language 30 (incl. Algebra 1) 20 (minimum 2 labs) 30 20 Physical Education 20 70

Total Credits Required 230


Entrance Requirements

a -g Requirements History English 2 years 4 years Math Laboratory Science 2 years Foreign Language 3 years 2 years VPA 1 year Elective 1 year ***Must complete these courses with C’s or higher BOTH semesters

Grade Point Average

General Rule: The lower the GPA, the higher SAT/ACT scores must be: -UC: Minimum GPA 3.0

-CSU: Minimum GPA 2.


These are minimum requirements. To be more competitive consider taking additional courses. Check the website www.ucop.edu/doorways/ for RHS/UC certified course list.

        1800+ students Closed campus Mixed grade levels in classes (electives and mathematics) One lunch period with many lunch options Students and staff wear IDs District dress code policies are enforced Credits/grades/GPA count toward graduation and extra-curricular activity eligibility NB: Students must dress for PE!

 Rodriguez High School Mission    Students, staff and administration collaboratively treat each other according to the values of the RHS Way:

Responsible, Honorable, Safe.

Student success is built on RHS staff and parents working together to create learning environments promoting critical thinking and active participation in the community, which allows for a seamless transition to post-secondary opportunities.

The administration and staff supported by the students, parents, and community will create a learning environment that is equitable and free from fear, violence, drugs, harassment, and alcohol.

     Honors/AP Program:  English Language, English Literature, European History, US History, Government, Economics, French, Spanish, German, Physics, Calculus, Statistics, Art History, Studio Art CTE Programs:  Tech, Biotech, Theater, Photography Extra-Curricular Activities:  REU, leadership, athletics, clubs, cheerleading All 9 th grade students create a four-year plan.

Beginning in 2013, all 9 th grade students will use Naviance for college planning.

 Rodriguez High School has a block schedule  Classes meet 3 times a week ▪ 1, 3, 5 classes meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday ▪ 2, 4, 6 classes meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday  Classes meet for 104 minutes  RHS has an early release every Wednesday  Tutorial meets four days a week (41 minutes)  Tutorial rotates through all six classes  Students work on homework and class work  Students can obtain passes to get additional help in classes as needed

 Extra-Curricular Activities  Dances, Rallies, Club Day, Friday activities, Powder Puff, Hunger Games  Athletics  Fall, Winter, Spring Sports  Minimum GPA is 2.0

 Academic Planner  All freshmen receive an academic planner to write down assignments, tests, quizzes and projects  Weekly Progress Reports (available upon request)  School After School  Every Monday and Thursday from 3-4pm  Students can get help in any course  Many teachers also make themselves available to help students at lunch and after school  Tutorial  Library  Open daily before school, during lunch and after school

 Student Services  Two Assistant Principals (A-L; M-Z)  Academic counselors and school psychologists are available daily ▪ Students can drop in or sign up to see their counselors  School Resource Officer (FPD)  School Nurse  Technology Tools  Parent Portal, website (www.fsusd.org/rodriguez), Naviance, twitter (@RHS MUSTANGS), Edmodo