ACE STUDENTS How to register in the CUNY Portal

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Transcript ACE STUDENTS How to register in the CUNY Portal

How to register in the
CUNY Portal
1 - Go To:
2 - Click on the link "Register for a New Account"
3 - Under the section New User Registration, select:
"Cont Ed I am a continuing education student“
Fill out the required information to create a user name and password then hit "Save"
4- Once inside the CUNY Portal, click the "Blackboard" link located at the top of your
CUNY Portal account home page
5 - On next screen, (Do not re-renter your credentials), just click the
"Preview" button on the bottom to access Blackboard.
6 - Under "Search Tools - Course Search" Enter the 4 digit Section number
of the course, i.e. ENG101.1234 or 123a then hit "Go"
7 - To access your course, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link of your
course which should appear as an active link among the list of all courses.
(To recognize a LaGuardia course, look for a course that starts with a "LGCC_xxxxxx" ID)
If your course link is grayed out in the Course Catalog and
appears to be a non-active link, this means that,
your instructor needs to enable the "Guest" access in
the course and in every single content area he/she
wishes to share individually in order for the users see
the content.
8 - Navigate the course menu to see the course content.