Preparing for the future

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Townhill Primary School
Primary 1 Curriculum Information
Mrs. Pirouet
Preparing for the future
Educating our children for a changing world
It’s all changed …….
….…since I was at school
Changes in what is being taught
 Changes in how children are taught
 Different kinds of lessons
 Children knowing more about some
things than we do.
Keeping up with change
Technology and the internet
 Environmental concerns
 Health and wellbeing
 Living together in a ‘smaller’ world
The future of education in Scotland
The hope is that all Scottish children become
 confident individuals
 successful learners
 responsible citizens
 effective contributors to work and society
Outside school
A lot of learning also takes place outside school
 at home and within the family
 at clubs and in community settings
 individually and with friends
All of these experiences contribute to a
child’s learning and development.
What do we mean by ‘Curriculum’?
What children and young people do in school
 lessons
- in primary schools to develop basic skills of
reading, writing and mathematics
- in secondary schools subjects leading to
examinations and qualifications
 day to day life of the school community
What will this mean for schools?
Learning will take place through planned
experiences linking different ‘subject’
 Experiences focussed on achieving
specific outcomes in terms of
knowledge, skills and understanding
The 3-18 curricular subjects
• health and wellbeing & PE
• languages
• mathematics
• sciences
• social studies
• expressive arts
• technologies
• religious and moral education
New Attainment Levels
• Early Level – Pre- school & P1
• First Level – To the end of P4, but earlier for some
• Second Level – To the end of P7, but earlier for some
• Third Level – S1-S3, but earlier for some
• Fourth Level – S2 – S4
• Senior Level – S4 – S6
How are children assessed?
PIPS baseline test within first three weeks of P1
PIPS assessment last term of P1
Teacher devised assessments
Teacher observation
Children’s work
Assessment Folders
Formative Assessment
Continual assessment by teacher
Share learning intentions / targets
What did we learn today?
Traffic Lighting work / smiley faces
How are children grouped?
• According to ability in literacy & numeracy
• Mixed ability groups in all other areas
• Learning through play in a variety of group / pair
How can you help at home?
Letter sounds, names & formation
Practise wordwall at home (don’t tick)
Read to your child
Share school reading book
Ask your child to point to words
Ask them about title, author & illustrator
Encourage correct pencil grip
Encourage your child to write – even scribbles!
How can you help at home?
• Number recognition and formation
• Counting and counting on using fingers – hold numbers
in their head
• Money Recognition – 1p, 2p, 5p,10p, or higher
• Use of an analogue clock – o’clock, half past
• Days of the week
• The day before / the day after
Learning Log
Each child has their own plan.
Topics in curriculum areas are pre-printed
Learning intentions are detailed for literacy & numeracy
Staff highlight in yellow the targets being worked on
Pupils will comment on their own learning
Learning Logs will come home in September with a
parents’ guide
• A school report detailing overall levels, literacy /
numeracy comments and next steps will be issued in
Achievement Books & Awards
Pupil of the Day
New House System
Out of school achievements
Achievement Display in entrance
Homework & Behaviour
• Must be signed by parent (once chance
per term to forget!!)
• Warning, amber, red system
• Lose breaks, house points
• Red – parents phoned
• Gain golden time / house points for good
behaviour / completed homework
• Special Friday dates issued for the year
• Absence – phone & send in note
• Dinner money – £1.70. Pay weekly. Envelope to the
office detailing days paid for
• All other money to teacher in envelope
• Gym kit (Mon-Thurs) & a painting apron needed in
• Please send your child with their red reading pocket daily
• Above all have fun!
• High school comes quicker than you think!