A Moral Never Never Land - AST-TOK

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Transcript A Moral Never Never Land - AST-TOK

Antonio molina
Luis Varela
 ¨i like tony sopano i cant help but to
sympathize with the guy¨
 ¨i recognize he is a vicious criminal¨
 We see the sopranos and we id with their
main character tony because he is a tragic
hero since he has a weaknes witch is his life
style he is stuck between two worlds
When is Art Dangerous
 Plato was the first philosopher to consider art dagerous its not
itself dangerous but it makes it audice be
 Tolstoy though the same was as Plato, he rejected all art,
expet popular chritian peasant art.
 So basicly so see them is equal to wanna be them there for yo
consider them to be good not the bad ones and that leads to
misinterpretation in life between good and evil
Why them????
 For one it is an ongoing tv series not like the god father of goodfellas
 Second we see that characters are potryed in a more psychological
point of view like we see dreams of other charcters and dr melfis
 Third “ The Sopranos” strive for versimilitude. It does not have the
ironic stylishness of Goodfellas, not is it and idealized period piece
like The Godfather.
Is it Morally Wrong to Watch
 Yes and no
 Yes because its something new and we learn and see many different
point of view
 And NO becasue we are simpathysing with a killer a mobster we see
tony as good but if this man were to be your neighbor he would be
the worst
 The Sopranos provides us with multiple moral perspectives on evil
characters & which offer room for moral reflection, might even be
good for us, rather than evil