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Theatre Arts Division
Mission Statement
The mission of the Niagara Peninsula
College Theatre Arts Division is to offer a
curriculum designed to provide students with
a thorough exposure to all aspects of the
theatre arts.
Division Structure
2012-2013 Productions
Extreme Velocity
Aidan’s Requiem
Calling All Candidates
Semester Costs
Tuition: $650
Books: $250 (approximately)
Supplies: $200 (approximately)
Fall Semester Classes
Introduction to Theatre Arts
Introduction to Film and Video
Fundamentals of Acting
Theatre Production
Beginning Set Design
Special Projects
Associate Degrees
For general information, call Niagara
Peninsula College at (905) 555-2185
Contact the Theatre Arts Division at
(905) 555-2174
Contact the Academic Advising
Department at (905) 555-2189