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To Err is Human:
Human Research
Virginia Tech:
Human at
Policies and Procedures
What is Post Approval Monitoring?
Consent Forms
De-Identifying Data
Electronic Storage
Online Programs and Surveys
Online Programs and Surveys cont
Case Studies
Human Research at Virginia Tech:
Policies and Procedures
IRB Website:
Wealth of information and resources about doing human research
IRB Protocol Management System:
Interactive website that handles all protocol activity (training, initial approval,
continuing review, amendments, unanticipated or adverse event report)
Post Approval Monitoring:
Educational videos about various elements dealing with the research and audit process
Starting Point:
To serve as a central reference source to assist new faculty, graduate students, and
seasoned employees in identifying what information/forms must be submitted to the
specific compliance committee or safety office and where additional resource
information can be found
VT IT Security:
Encryption software and other useful information about protecting your computer
Thank You For Listening!
Contact Information:
Andrea Boynton
IRB-Post Approval Monitoring
[email protected]
IRB-Post Approval Monitoring
Office of Research Compliance
2000 Kraft Drive (0497)
Blacksburg, VA 24060