Transcript Chalkis


Located on Euboea Island to the E of the Greek mainland Lat: 38

27 ’23”N & Long: 023

35 ’28’’E

Piers for Discharging & Loading

     The piers for discharging / loading are as follows: Vessels with draft up to 6.4 m may berth alongside 240m quay. – Vessels with draft up to 5.5 m may berth alongside 350m quay.

Maximum draft: 6.4m.

Pilot boarding position: South end North end South end – abt 1.5 nm SE of Akra Avlis. The pilot may be obtained by signaling the pilot station situated at Akra Avlis lighthouse. – abt 1nm NNW of Akra Kakokefali. The pilot boat is back with a white band. Anchorages: – vessels awaiting a pilot may anchor from 5 cables to 1nm S of Akra Bourtzi – Lat: 38°24.4

’N, Long: 23°38.2’E. North bound South bound – a good place to anchor is abt 3 cables SSW of the bridge in a depth of 11m. This berth is out of the strength of the tidal stream. – vessels awaiting a pilot should anchor off Akra Kakokefali Lat: 38°28.5’N, Long: 023°36.1

’E, keeping clear of the axis (022°-202°) of the approach to Porthmos Evripou. Anchoring is prohibited between Akra Avlis & Akra Bourtzi due to the presence of submarine cables. North end – due to strength of the tidal streams it is advisable to anchor before entering the narrows, and not to commence the approach until the bridge is open. Mercantile Marine. Admiralty Pilot NP48. Tidal range & flow: range 1.0m, Dock density: 1025, Weather: Prevailing winds NW ’ly & SW’ly.

The area of approach to the port is covered on the charts 2802, 1554 of the Ministry of Master should watch on VHF Channel 16, 12 for pilot communication and/or contacting with Port Authority. Pilotage compulsory for all foreign vessels & for Greek vessels over 1,000 grt / Towage compulsory for vessels over 1,000 grt approaching – leaving berth.

Various Information

 The loading / discharging procedure is always a result of a close cooperation between Master / Ch. Mate and piers foreman.  B unker’s ops at Chalkis port is allowed.

 Fresh water is available.  Repairs / stores available  Delivery of waste/ sludge-slops allowed contact with Agent.  Working days / hours in the piers: (Oct 01 – Mar 31) Mon – Fri 08:00 – 16:00 hrs l.t (Apr 01 – Sep 30) Mon – Fri 07:00 – 15:00 hrs l.t. Weekends – overtime.  Embarkation/disembarkation of crew members is allowed. Shore passes available under the approval of immigration office. UN/LOCODE: GRCLK

Harbour Equipment: