Transcript Document

Professional Organizations in
Research Administration
Jim Peterson
Associate Vice Chancellor for
RASG Meeting July 15, 2004
Professional Organizations
• NCURA – National Council of University
Research Administrators
• SRA – Society of Research Administrators
• COGR – Council on Government Relations
• CRA – Research Administrators
Certification Council
AUTM – Assoc. of University Technology Managers
supports the academic technology transfer profession
FDP – Federal Demonstration Partnership
association of federal agencies, academic research
institutions and research policy organizations that work
to streamline the administration of federally sponsored
National Association of College and University Attorneys
enhances legal assistance to colleges and universities by
educating attorneys and administrators to the nature of
campus legal issues
National Association of College and
University Business Managers
supports business and financial management in higher
Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research
advances the highest ethical standards in the
conduct of research
National Council of University
Research Administrators
Since 1959, serving professionals primarily at
colleges and universities involved in the
administration of sponsored programs (research,
education and training).
– Promotes development of effective policies and
– Provides exchange of information and experiences
through national and regional meetings
– Provides dissemination of current information and
exchange of views on mutual concerns
– Promotes the professional development of
college and university research administration
• Professional Development Programs
– Fundamentals of Sponsored Projects Administration
– Sponsored Projects Administration Level II
– A Primer on Subawards Under Federal Assistance
Awards (six-week online tutorial)
– Audio and Video Conferences / Video Tapes
• Web Resources
– Fundamentals Online
– Research Management Review
• National and Regional Conferences
Society of Research
• Founded in 1967, dedicated to the education and
professional development of research
– Provide state-of-the-art professional development
and education opportunities for all research
– Advance the profession of research administration
– Advance the understanding of the value and
importance of research and the contributions of
research administration to the research enterprise
• Professional Development Programs
– Departmental Administrators Certificate
Program: DA 101 and DA 201
– Clinical Trials Research Administration
Certificate Program: CTRA 101 and CTRA 201
• Web Resources
– Teleconferences / Webcasts
– Journals
– Grants Web
• National, Sectional & Chapter Meetings
Council on Government
• Established in 1948 as association of researchintensive universities. It is a key source of
critical information on current and emerging
issues for its members and agencies sponsoring
their research activities and serves as a leading
advocate for policies that support:
– the conduct of research at the highest standards
– sound and informed decision-making on issues
critical to the research and higher education
– maximum benefit from investments in research
conducted at its member institutions.
• Web Resources
– What’s New
– Educational Materials
– Issues
Research Administrators
Certification Council
Formed by the Society of Research
Administrators in 1993. It is as an independent
non-profit organization composed of active
certified research administrators whose role is to
certify that an individual, through experience and
testing, has the fundamental knowledge
necessary to be a professional research or
sponsored programs administrator.
• Certification
• Qualifications/Credentials
• Body of Knowledge covers four broad areas:
Project Development and Administration
Legal Requirements and Sponsor Interface
Financial Management
General Management
• Costs:
– Application Fee $295.00
– To attend a review session $185.00
The Tar Heel Certificate in
Research Administration
• Series of 5 core courses and 2 electives
– The Research Administration Professional
– Pre-Award and Budgeting
– Regulatory/Compliance Issues
– Post-Award Financial Management
– Closeout and Financial Reconciliation
• Applications available August 1