Are there differences between how more and less capable

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Transcript Are there differences between how more and less capable

Developing Strategic Readers
and Writers
A Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
By Kelly Lynch
Reading Practices in the Classroom
Professor Hanfu Mi
Are there differences between
how more and less capable
readers and writers use
Characteristics of Good Readers
• Fluent both orally and silently
• View reading as a process of creating
• Decode rapidly
• Have large vocabularies
• Understand the organization of stories,
plays, informational books, poems, and
other texts
Good Readers also…
•Use a variety of strategies
•Monitor their understanding as they read
Good Writers…
• Vary how they write depending on the
purpose for writing and the audience who
will read the composition
• Use the writing process flexibly
• Focus on developing ideas and
communicating effectively
• Turn to classmates for feedback on how
well they are communicating
Good Writers also...
• Monitor how well they are communicating
in the piece of writing
• Use formats and structures for stories,
poems, letters, and other texts
• Use a variety of strategies
• Postpone attention to mechanical
correctness until the end of the writing
In Order to Motivate Students
Give Students Opportunities to...
• Express their own
ideas and opinions.
•Choose topics for writing and
books for reading.
•Talk about books they
are reading.
•Choose writing to share
with classmates.
•Pursue authentic activities.
During the elementary grades,
students learn to use five types of
reading and writing skills.
•Meaning-making skills
•Decoding and Spelling Skills
•Language Skills
•Study Skills
•Reference Skills
Special Thanks To:
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Gail E. Tompkins for
her text Literacy for
the 21st Century
• My group members:
Danielle Donovan and
Lori D’Iorio.