Christmas Traditions - Mrs. Smith's 1st Grade Room

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Transcript Christmas Traditions - Mrs. Smith's 1st Grade Room

How does your family
celebrate Christmas?
 Christmas is a holiday that is
enjoyed all around the world.
 People celebrate Christmas with
traditions, old and new, that
make the season special.
 As you view these slides, think
about your family and if they
practice the traditions that are
Some people celebrate Christmas by
decorating a pine tree with bulbs,
lights, and other ornaments.
Other people like to send Christmas cards to
friends and family.
Many people hang stockings to be filled with
gifts and candy.
Exchanging presents is an exciting part of
Christmas for most families.
In some homes,
mistletoe is hung in
doorways and people
who walk under it with
another person are
supposed to give one
another a friendly kiss.
Nativity scenes are set out as a decoration for
some families to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Red poinsettias add a touch of color to some
homes during the holidays.
Music fills the air for many families when
Christmas carols are sung.
Holiday baking is a favorite activity in some
households at Christmas.
Gingerbread houses are fun to make for some
For many children, visiting Santa at the mall
is important.
Attending church services is also an important
tradition for families.
Sitting down to a meal with all the trimmings
is a tradition families enjoy.
Traveling to another
city or state to spend
Christmas with family
is something many
do each season.
Finally, some families just enjoy spending time
together during the holidays.
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