Transcript Kings

Thru the Bible in 24 Weeks
The Bible contains stories of the greatest EVILS
. . . . . betrayals, revenge, deception, and
The ultimate Prince of Deception: Satan
The Bible contains stories of the greatest GOOD
. . . . . miracles, achievements, courage, and
The greatest sacrifice for you and me
The crucifixion & resurrection
Of Jesus Christ our Lord!
10th Century BC
Author: Unknown
Jewish tradition: Jeremiah
Kings of Judah & Israel after death of David
to the Fall of Jerusalem (586BC) through
Babylon’s conquest of Jerusalem
1 & 2 Kings is 1 book in Hebrew Bible
The Book of the Kings
A Book of History
The books of Kings conclude the
history of Israel from its origins from
Abraham (Genesis) to the fall of
Jerusalem that ended Hebrew national
independence, from the covenant
relationship with Yahweh of national
blessings or curses from either being
obedient or disobedient.
How many Kings after David?
Dedicated to Brigitte Olmstead (1990)
Israel = 20 kings Judah = 19 kings, 1 queen
3rd King, David’s son, Solomon (built temple)
931BC – 853BC: Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Abijam, Asa,
Nadab, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri, Ahab (Elija & Elisha
ministries), Jehosahaphat, Ahaziah,
852BC – 722BC: Jehoram, Ahaziah, Jehu, Queen
Athaliah, Joash, Jehoahaz, Jehoash, Amaziah,
Jeroboam II, Azariah, Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem,
Pekahiah, Pekah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hoshea, Hezekiah
How many battles against Israel? About 60
925BC Syria, Moab, Philistia, & Judah for freedom, 912BC Judah won
land (territory), 909BC Philistia regained territory, 895BC Judah
controlled of route north – Ramah, 885BC & 881BC Civil War to take
Israel throne , 853BC Israel conquest of Israel against Syria, 845BC Israel
conquest of Israel against Syria, 722BC Assyria conquest of Israel, 586BC
Babylon conquest of Judah
Not counting the following :
638AD Jerusalem came under Muslim rule. 691 built Temple Mount
1071AD Muslims destroyed Christine shrines.
1099AD Christian army captured Jerusalem; mosques now churches
1187AD Saladin, Egyptian ruler re-established as a Muslim city
1517AD Turks, as part of Ottoman Empire, for next 400 years
1917AD British mandate with defeat of Turks in WWI (30 years)
1967AD (6 Day War) Israeli troops won control
The land where Jesus walked - today, Muslims & area of disputed claims
Elijah (means Jehovah is God)
God raises special people for special problems. Elijah lived
during time of King Ahab and Jezebel, when worship of
God was banned and prophets were murdered.
Elijah performed 8 major miracles, suspending rain for 3
½ years and defeating 450 Baal priests.
There is no genealogy of his birth
Elijah never died
Elijah whirl winded directly up to heaven
Solomon: Start and Finish
• Solomon a teenager when became king (age 12-15)
• Solomon built temple; given by God to father David,
patterned after Tabernacle (2x as big)
• Brilliant mind even before he prayed for wisdom;
lacked moral vigor, not decisive, self-indulgent
• Wrote 3000 proverbs & 1005 songs, authored Song of
Songs, Ecclesiastes, catalogued plant life
• Salary: 666 talents or 25 tons of gold (1Kings 10:14)
• Turned away / forsakes God (1Kings 11); followed
other gods. God rebuked Solomon, gave kingdom to
enemy, Hadad the Edomite thru Solomon’s son.
Solomon Building Temple
183,000 workforce, 10,000 worked 1 mo, off 2 mos
• 70,000 carriers
• 80,000 cutting down trees
• 3,300 supervisors
Tabernacle built by Moses
Temple built by Solomon
About 75 feet wide x 150 feet long
About 150 feet wide x 300 feet long
1 Menorah
10 Lampstands
1 Table of Showbread
12 Tables of Showbread
160 x 360 is the size of a football field
You are the Temple of God
Tabernacle / Temple is body, soul, spirit
Outer Court relative to our body
Inner Court relative to our soul
Outside porch is bronze – metal associated w/fire
Inside porch is gold – most precious metal
What metal will you store on your porch?