Transcript Document

Mrs. Gorlitz
Students will demonstrate success in the
classroom by
Being prompt
Being prepared
Being positive
Being productive
Being polite
Positive Recognition
Students are recognized for
positive behavior
Note or phone call to parents
Individual rewards
Class rewards
1. Warning: Students will receive a verbal warning when
demonstrating inappropriate behavior.
2. Informal discussion to redirect and correct
inappropriate behavior
3. Conference: with students as soon as possible.
Reflection sheet
4. Call/note to parent
5. Principal’s Office: Students will be sent to the
Severe Clause: Students will go to the principal’s office.
Assignments are to be headed correctly, wellorganized, written neatly, and are to be a
reflection of your best effort.
Assignments not finished in class are due the
following school day
Assignments which are not done on time or are
done on time, but do not meet 'quality'
standards will be due the next school day.
Parent/Teacher Communication
 Grades will be posted on Gradelink every week. Please check
Gradelink to review your child’s progress.
 Each family will receive login information for Gradelink at the
beginning of the year.
 Home Connect – Check progress on AR
 Letters will be sent home when necessary to update you on
events and/or class projects.
 You can contact me by sending a note, leaving a message on my
voicemail or by stopping in the classroom before or after school.
 Please feel free to contact us by email anytime at
[email protected] or at
[email protected]
 Students are responsible for writing homework down each day.
Please choose a planner of your choice!
 Homework will be assigned daily and must be turned in on time to
receive full credit. Late homework assignment will not receive full
credit. Homework that is turned in without a name will not
receive full credit.
 Homework is assigned to support objectives they have learned in
class. It provides an opportunity to practice, reinforce, or apply
acquired skills.
 Homework consists of: finishing incomplete work, daily
assignments, review of concepts taught, long-term projects,
studying for tests and most importantly READING!!!!!
 In the case of an absence, it is the students’ responsibility to
get the missed assignments and make up the homework.
 When tests, projects and quizzes have been announced in
advance and a student is absent, the work is due upon
returning to school. If a family emergency arises, please speak
to the teacher.
 Homework awards will be given at the end of each quarter to
students who have turned in all their homework on time.
 After 3 missing homework assignments there will be a
meeting with the student, parents and teacher.
 The binder must go home each night and return to
school each day!!
 Homework – must be kept neatly in the binder
 Communication – notes to and from the teacher and
parent must be placed in the binder
 Materials – any materials needed to complete
homework (notes, supplies, etc.)
 Important Information-
AKOM Constructs
Neuromotor Function
Social Cognition
Spatial Ordering
Temporal Sequential Ordering
Higher Order Cognition
 Parent, Student, Teacher Agreement – please sign and
 Letter – Please read carefully and keep for your
 Curriculum Map
 Information form – Please complete this from and
return it by Friday 8/29
 Textbook Loan Form - Please complete this from and
return it by Friday 8/29
 Internet permission – parent and student need to
 Honor Code/AR Code of Conduct
6th Grade Camp
 We will be attending 6th Grade Camp from Monday,
May 4th to Friday, May 8th
 We will have 1 bake sale during the year to raise funds
for 6th grade camp during Open House on Sunday
 Spaghetti Dinner (Major fundraiser)
Saturday 9/27
All students must attend
Part of the proceeds will help pay for Camp
We will need parents to help during the evening
Students will sell tickets a few weeks before
We need donations for auction baskets!!!!!!!
The following items must be complete and
turned in by the first day of school
Parent/Student Handbook Sign-off
2 White Emergency Forms
1 Blue Earthquake Release Form
Supplies from the supply list
$ check (from supply list)
Parent’s Homework
 Please send me an email at
[email protected] and write
your child’s name in the “subject” box.
 Please email me before the end of the week
 – we will be using this website –
more information to follow
 Please label ALL parts of your child’s