Program Requirements - Operations Management

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Transcript Program Requirements - Operations Management

Any needed undergraduate prerequisites must be
completed before a student can take their 5th
graduate course.
The successful completion of ten graduate
courses (30 credit hours).
4 Core Required Courses
Special Problems Project for Focus Area Designations
Passing a comprehensive exam.
All prerequisites must be completed before a student can register for his/her fifth graduate class. It is the
student’s responsibility to verify that he/she has met the prerequisite requirements within the generous time
limits allowed. Note that two of these courses must be completed before a student can register for specific
graduate courses, as summarized in the table below. Therefore, it is wise to get these prerequisites out of the
way as soon as possible.
Undergraduate Course Prerequisite
OMGT 4323 Industrial Cost Analysis
OMGT 4333 Applied Statistics
OMGT 4853 Data Processing Systems
Graduate Course
OMGT 5123 Finance
OMGT 5433 Cost Estimation Models
OMGT 5463 Economic Decision-Making
OMGT 4613 Production & Inventory Control
OMGT 4873 Principles of Operations Research
OMGT 5013 Supply Chain Management
OMGT 5503 Maintenance Management
OMGT 5433 Cost Estimation Models
OMGT 5443 Decisions Models
OMGT 5373 Quality Management
OMGT 5823 Information Technology
OMGT 5833 Decision Support Application Development
In order for a course to meet the prerequisite requirement, the student must have
earned a grade of C or better. The following prerequisite classes taken in the
student’s undergraduate career do not have an expiration date: OMGT 4313,
OMGT 4323, OMGT 4333. All students beginning the program Fall 2014 and
beyond will be required to take the OMGT 4853 Data Processing Systems
proficiency exam or the 8 week course.
A student may have completed a similar course in his/her undergraduate
course work. We identify such similar courses in our regular evaluation of
student transcripts during the admission process. Prerequisites that the
student must meet are specified in his/her admission letter. If we have
overlooked a course, or if a student feels he/she has met a prerequisite,
but with a course for which the course name was not sufficiently
descriptive, he/she can send us a course description and/or syllabus for
further review.
A student can take all prerequisites through the Operations Management
program; the tuition and technology fee charges and term schedule are
the same as a graduate course.
A student can take an equivalent course at another accredited school,
but should first provide the site coordinator with the course title and
description for approval. (Except OMGT 4853)
A student can opt for one attempt to pass an on-line proficiency exam in
lieu of the course. Earning a grade of at least 70% on such an exam (the
grade will not to be used in calculating the student’s MSOM GPA) will
satisfy the respective prerequisite.
Four core courses have been required of all students entering the program since August 2008.
For students beginning their first graduate course in Term I (August, 2011) or later the four
required courses below must now be completed within the first 18 hours of graduate study:
1. OMGT 5003—Introduction to Operations Management (preferably taken as the first
course, as a course in the first term, or in special circumstances, in the second term.)
2. OMGT 4783—Project Management for Operations Managers
3. OMGT 5123—Finance for Operations Managers or OMGT 5463—Economic DecisionMaking
4. OMGT 4623—Strategic Management (not currently offered via distance) or OMGT
5873—Organization and Control
In addition, students must earn a grade of “B” or better in their four core courses. A “C” grade
received in a core course will result in the student having to repeat that course as soon as
possible as determine by program administration. Failure to obtain a grade of “B” or better on
the second attempt will lead to dismissal from the program.
Some students wish to focus their studies on a particular area of Management. These students
may choose from one (or more) of four Focus Areas:
Business Management
Human Resource Management
Industrial Management
Safety and Health Care Management
Earning a Focus Area Designation is optional. In order to do so, the student must complete six
courses in his/her chosen area, one of which must be OMGT 5773 Special Problems. A student
may acquire more than one focus area, but this requires additional enrollments in the
appropriate Special Problems topic. Because a student can take OMGT 5773 only once in the
30 hours required for the Master’s degree, a student wishing to complete more than one focus
area would be required to take more than 10 graduate level courses. The area of focus is not
listed on the transcript or diploma; it is a separate document from the diploma.
Please see section I. E. in the Student Handbook for further details on how to register and the
course matrix. Due to the course matrix it is very important for you to decide as earlier as you
can if you want to do a Focus Area.
To be eligible for the examination,
 Must have completed all prerequisite courses and
 “OMGT” Graduate courses (including all four required
graduate courses), which does not include approved
graduate transfer credit. Completing six OMGT courses and
transferring in two courses does not make them eligible
for comps.
Transfer in one or two courses, student will be tested on the
material as if they took the courses through us.
Immediately upon completion, the student is given the
The oral exam panel consists of 3-4 faculty members.
Skype or Blackboard Collaborate website administration of
the oral exam is available only if a face-to-face oral
comprehensive exam is not possible.
The written version of the comp exam is available only: (a)
for students with extenuating circumstances that prevent
their participating in the oral examination (b) as a
standard option for students who entered the program
before March, 2010, and (c) as a secondary option for
students who have attempted the oral exam once, but did
not pass.