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What is Witricity?

 Transfer of electricity without using connections between input and load is termed as wireless electricity.

 This is not like wireless transmission of signals which we used in the cell phones.

 In cell phones signals are sent in the form of micro waves whereas in this mode of transition electricity is transferred in the form of magnetic rays.

 These rays are not harmful to humans.

 The transfer of energy is mid range compared to direct transmission.

Need of Witricity

Now-a-days there is a rapid increase of electronic goods like cell phones ,laptops ,I-pods etc., which rely on the chemical storage of energy by the battery which need to be recharged frequently .As these are becoming daily needs to the present generation wireless energy transfer i.e, witricity would be useful for many applications as these things need mid range energy. wireless-electricity-new/ PPT-Sai-Rajesh

Working principle of Witricity

 Witricity works on the principle of mutual induction between the two coils.

 There are two copper coils arranged one at the sender end and other at the receiver end .The first coil is attached to the power source while the second coil to the light bulb.

 When the power is switched on the first coil converts the electricity into magnetic field ,which is oscillating at a particular frequency i.e, AC source.

 The second coil at the receiver end converts the magnetic field into electricity .The surrounding environment is unaffected. 479237-wireless-electricity-new/ PPT-Sai-Rajeshhttp :

Projecting magnetic field Magnetic vector notation ___ ___ dB=udH Induced EMF due to change in flux resentation/vkey99-479237 wireless-electricity-new/


       An advantage is that we can produce electricity anywhere without wires The power can be delivered in any direction i.e, omnidirectional Most common things in our surroundings do not interact with these magnetic fields and thus not harmful to other living beings Significant decluttering of office space No need for meter rooms and electrical closets. Reduction of e-waste by eliminating the need for power cords Need more light in your office, no need for electrician. Simply place the lamp where ever you need it. electricity-new/ Rajeshhttp:


 The flux condition should satisfy certain conditions,if not no power supply takes place.

 There is a lose of power transmission if there is a strong ferro-magnetic  substance.

Need for standardization and adaptation. So no overheating occurs because of different voltages.  Retrofitting old equipment or purchasing new equipment could become a very expensive endeavor.

 Possibility of “energy theft”. Wi Fi, someone can be using your internet or your power. electricity-new/ Rajeshhttp:

 


Any living organisms that are placed in between the two coils(transmitter &emitter) will not halt or hinder the transmission of magnetic field.

It is because the magnetic rays will not interact with the living tissues so strong and can be easily passed through the humans or other living organisms. &hl=en&sa=X&tbo=d&biw=1295&bih=680&tbm=isch&t bnid=47ZOlzdeDJSX6M:&imgrefurl

World in our future &sa=X&tbo=d&biw=1295&bih=680&tbm=isch&tbnid=8akqKax z

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