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Wireless Charging Technology

Junhui Zhu Shiyu Zhang Fengchun Yang

* Reference 1 * There are a lot of similar products using wireless charging technology.

* Especially, in the Thanksgiving Holiday, you probably see a lot of this products on the shelf.

* But How Does It Works?

Reference 2

* * From our recent lecture, we have learned Electronic Induction * Theses Products applied Electronic Induction Concept into real world. * This concept is very similar to our lecture’s (10C) Electronic Transformer * Input alternating currents generate Magnetic Filed.

* The Magnetic Filed is also constantly alternating, because the origin current is alternating (AC) * The alternating in Magnetic Filed in Output coil generate current, with the same AC frequency, but different voltage. Reference 5

* * * * 1.

In the Transformer Model, two coils are very close to each other.

The Wireless Charge, charge station and charge devices have greater distance than transformer model. BUT, the concept is the same. The concept is that Charging Coil generates Electronic Magnetic Wave.


The difference of this model than we have learned in the class is the distance between two coils.

The Electronic Magnetic Wave is like a radio broadcasting station and is broadcasted in to the air 3.

The Device Coil receives the Electronic Magnetic Wave in some distance.


The Electronic Magnetic Wave in the Device Coil is constant alternating with the same frequency as it was broadcasted.


Because the Electronic Magnetic Wave is constantly alternating in the Device Coil, the current starts to form in the Device Coil.


The Device Coil has received the power from the Charging Coil.


When the Device Coil has enough current and voltage to charge the battery, your device is being charged!

Reference 4

* * In addition to the simple concept, the Wireless Charging Station is a little more complicated, because the distance between two coils. * The Wireless Charging Technology requires stronger magnetic field and specific wireless radio frequency to transmit longer distance, and not interrupt other devices.

* To maximize power output, the transmitting frequency must be able to resonate between two coils to have more efficiency. Reference 3 Reference 3

* * Below is a Youtube Video demonstrates Wireless Charging Technology

* * Higher Power and able to charge your electronic car * Longer distance and able to charge all you electronic devices at home.

* You cell phone can be wireless charged anywhere like receiving cell phone signal. Reference 6 Reference 7

* 1.






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